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Sep 16, 2014
My wife, who has severe allergies, and I recently had our condo's concrete floor stained and polished to cut down on allergens. I think it's sealed, but don't know the specifics of what was used.

The issue is I've spent the past 2 weeks cleaning concrete dust from every nook and cranny. The floor itself seems to be a neverending source of concrete dust, and it stains everything I wipe it with a light brown. The installer mentioned it took 72 hrs to cure, and that the color was just dust and stain residue that would go away. I've cleaned the floors with water and towels at least 5 times now, and while the color on the towels isn't as dark, it still turns the bottom of my socks brown.

My main question is if the floor was installed properly, or if this is normal and it will go away? How many cleanings does it take? (Especially considering our reason for the concrete was to reduce dust, not increase it.)

Any other advice is much appreciated.
I had a client of mine with the same problem that your describing only it was a white powder. He had the concrete ground down and a penetrating sealer and top coat applied. No moisture issue as I performed rh moisture tests. All we could decern is that there was complications with the sealer and finish coat with the slabs alkilinity. We eventually floated a hardwood floor over it.

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