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Nov 11, 2020

Just joined to get some help! We have red oak hardwood floor. I sanded (24, 36,60,80,100), didn't screen (I know a mistake) and put the two coats of dark walnut. Floor looked beautiful except edges where edger was used and you could see picture frame kind of thing in family room (not too obvious anywhere else for some reason). I tried very hard and after a lot of effort was able to match the stain color and picture frame effect was almost gone. Then I put first coat of Poly (oil based) and it looked good. When I put the 2nd one (after screening grit 220) in some spots poly didn't adhere like there was moisture or something (but that's not possible as weather is dry and I allowed it to dry for 4 days). I used buffer again grit 220 but somehow it didn't become super smooth in some of those spots. I thought that would be OK - big mistake! I put the 3rd coat and those spots still look rough although poly seems to be adhering now (I need to check this when sun shows up). Is there anything I can do to fix this? If I sand those spots smooth and put the poly again I think it'd never be good right? Anyone would be able to tell from different sheen/shine? Thanks
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