Professionals (and everyone else...what's the best brand of LVP currently?

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Mustard Tiger

Mar 17, 2024
What are your favorite brands of LVP, taking into consideration price, aesthetics (who has the most convincing "wood" looks) and durability?

I was initially set on solid hardwood, but the home I recently purchased is in the woods, gravel driveway, get's quite a bit of snow in the winter, would be tracking in mud, have dog and there's a lot of dust in the summer which I am guessing could be abrasive to floors over time .
Lots of Cortec and Provenza slot here. There's one called Paradigm that looks really nice. They make 9" by 5' planks if you're looking for something larger. Provenza has long boards also.
Keep a broom or a dust mop around and use it often. That gravel dust and little chunks that get stuck in your shoes are what damages all floors, and a good walk off mat or runner would help a lot. Those first few steps are where you can get much of that dirt off your shoes.
It's not all that much quality difference between top BRANDS at their equivalent price points. This would really be an "eye of the beholder" thing as far as to how authentic any of these look.

In other words as long as you avoid sleazy, discount retailers, no-name brands and select something not at the lower end on price you're really able to just pick what you like. That comes down to matching up with all your specific traffic/abuse patterns, existing decor and your taste.
.....yeah, what he said. If you like a particular product, the find something "similar" that's $1.75 cheaper, there's a reason for that.
Id go for the thickest product you can find.
The click lock joints on the thin planks are tiny so obviously, the thicker ones are stronger.
Also, pay attention to the flatness of your floor.
Not level, but FLAT. It's extremely important but not talked about or emphasized nearly enough.
Uneven floor surfaces will make the floor flex and over time can destroy the click joints because they are not designed to move or flex.
I'm not a professional, but I have a suggestion for you. I saw the pictures of your beautiful house with all the cedar in the interior. Have you considered getting an LVP that isn't trying to look like wood? No vinyl is going to look as real as the wood on all your surfaces, and it might be nice to not compete with it. I have a CoreTec stone look in my kitchen and bathrooms, chosen so it wouldn't compete or clash with the woods which go down next to it. It doesn't fool anybody that it's real stone, but there are more and more possibilities which aren't trying to look like wood.

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