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Mar 6, 2011
The old vinyl base was 4' Armstrong base ....white and shiny with a hard surface..... 1980's stuff.
The new rubber or vinyl base I'm installing is a medium to light brown. It scuffs or scratches fairly easy unlike a white color.
The scuff marks are much lighter than color off the base.
Can floorbwax or a wipe on car wax type finish prevent the scratches or make the surface more durable?
It's in a residential kitchen that's used heavily and cleaned regularly.
I'll have to give it a shot.
Maybe one of those ceramic car finishes I have a friend that has some...... I think a bit spendy. I'll have to check.
It's common to see the was slopped up onto the cove base in commercial VCT, vinyl, lino, whatnot. That old Armstrong cove base was nice and shiny for a kitchen. Not so good on shitty commercial drywall though as that shine highlighted every defect.

There's almost certainly some kind of finish on that base so the question would be how well your Turtle Wax bonds to the existing. I'd be worried about the high gloss drawing attention to the cove base rather than the new floor.

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