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Supporting Member
Jul 11, 2011
Davison, Mi, Michigan
Got an email from some dud in Davenport, IA with an invoice in my name and address for 371+ for a 5 year subscription to Norton Antivirus. Even had a 888# to call which Karen did. She said invoice me all you want I'm not paying it as I didn't order it. He then wanted her to open our Google acc't, that was when she hung up on him and deleted the email completely out of out computer. I wanted to print it but it is no longer there. She has beeen checking credit cards just in case he found the numbers.
Speaking of scammers, when I tried to sell off my mother in law's crap on Craigslist and OfferUp for anything over $200 I was barraged with multiple scams-------including the Google voice ID racket. The main one is they try to send you a check that you can take to the bank and make sure it "clears". Supposedly it's a Cashiers Check. Then they send someone to pick up your furniture. 3-4 days later the bank lets you know the check was bogus. Isn't modern high tech finance AMAZING?

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