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I get the whole job site microwave thing but not for $700. Guys would buy used microwaves for $10 or $15 at a flea market. Sometimes they would just leave them on the job site when the job was done if the job was too far away because a new one was $10 to $15. I’ve even seen dudes that don’t have shit for tools and they will have a microwave in their truck😂 Not me, I eat my lunch cold.
When I drove a forklift, our exhaust manifolds were our ovens before lunch. You'd be surprised at the awesome meals that were pulled off those engines at lunch. Lasagna was my favorite. It made my truck smell delicious!
They actually have a hotdog toaster!! Cooks 2 dogs and toasts 2 buns.
A buddy of mine had one a while back he brought to work with him. It actually made a damn good hotdog
Yeah, but a microwave hot dog unit would be the equivalent of the gas powered blender to make margaritas at tailgate parties......
....the cool factor. 😁
...a 12 volt micro would be even cooler. 🤣

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