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In Remembrance
Jan 31, 2010
, New Jersey

We defend the president, congressmen, governors, celebrities, jewelry stores, banks, courts, office buildings, sporting events, any many other places....with GUNS

But we defend our children with a sign that says "This is a gun free zone" and then call 911 to send people with Guns. Its ludicrous

Yup, that's for sure. I get more personal enjoyment out of simple stuff. Simple stuff like tinkering.
I fixed a worn switch in my 13" Clark buffer. That turned out well, so then I decided to look at a bad switch in my Delta drill press. I think I saved more then $60 repairing the two switches. I never knew electrical switches could be taken apart and repaired. Both of these switches can be opened up and tinkered with. In trying to fix them, I learned a lot. Simple? ......maybe not to everyone, but I like this kinda thing. It's not rocket science. The reward wasn't so much about the $$$ as it was the satisfaction of doing it and learning that it was actually possible to fix/refurbish a worn switch. Both are as good as new and the fix was done with 600 and 2000 grit sandpaper.
Watching a good sunset is good too as is rolling over a rock to see what's under it. ;)
If you've ever even heard of the word "extrapolate" let alone understand the meaning and how it's used you ought not be crawling about on your hands and knees like a primitive ape to earn a living.

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