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It’s definitely an undertaking to do a shell off restoration but a lot of these trailers need one.

Couple braces places inside the shell before you lift it off the body will help to keep things where they belong. Smaller trailers aren’t as bad but a 30’ aluminum body hangin in the air is gonna twist and bend. Makes it a real pain when you go to put it back on.

If you do it right the holes on the shell will line right back up with the holes on the frame, with a little persuasion of course. That’s how you know you got the body back on straight.

Here’s a trailer that we’re doing a shell off rebuild on and we’re also giving it a 5” lift. The owner is a tall fellow and this trailer has been in his family since it was new, 1947, so a lift it is.

The shell holes have to line up with the frame holes..... Sometimes a little persuasion.
..... Sounds like you're working on stairs. 😁

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