bad floor refinish job - debris and swirl marks all over the refinished floor

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Oct 24, 2022
Hi, how do you fix swirl marks and remove debris embedded in the finish? The swirl marks run across the entire area and the little raised bumps are everywhere as well.

please see the photos ( link to photos: Bad floor job ) and share your thoughts.

Thank you!
Sorry, that’s a redo. Lotsa things could have caused it. Unbalanced machine, debris on the floor. Needs a finer grit on the final sanding. Make sure a vacuum is involved, on the machine and after the sanding. You could try dampening the floor and letting it dry before sanding to pop the grain a bit. Close inspection BEFORE the finish is applied. If you’re having it professionally done hire a different professional.
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I agree this is a project that needs to be done (redone) by an actual professional and NOT the same guy who made this amateur attempt. I find it hard to believe any professional would have done that quality of work and then tried to get paid for it.

Did you pay them in full?

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