Treads don't fit exactly (bowed stringers or risers) -what is the standard solution to cover the gaps ?

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Ivan Turbinca

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Jul 30, 2022
You can see below that the first tread fits perfectly (almost)
The second one has a minor gap between the tread and the rister but the third one has gaps between itself and riser and stringer
I also have a longer stairs segment that leads to the basement that shows the same problem
What is the standard solution here ? Caulking ?
I'm not sure if I'd do anything. The contrast between wood and the white paint is enough to distract ones eyes from a small gap like that. Caulking might make it look more noticeable.
In general probably that is true but in my case the risers and the stringers are white as well so it is going to be less obvious
The other option could be something transparent to close the gap and avoid dust and drt accumulation inthose spaces. We vacuum the floor but you would still get stuff there
I’m confused. Did you do the treads only?

When I do them I go riser, tread, riser, tread……. That way your riser covers the tread.

They’re already done so that’s out. You can get a white cabinet skin and cut/ install over the risers there now.
Well, there’s a million & one things that could have been done to avoid that before installing. But we are here now & it’s not the end of the world.

If you’re good with a calk gun I would just calk them with white (small bead) & be done with it.

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