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Oct 22, 2011
Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
I thought I would start a thread about what we all did during the day. It is either to vent, bitch, complain, pat yourself on the back, grumble, moan, or to praise.

Happy writings.....
The day before heading to Hawaii last month, the air conditioning went out. Today, the day before we leave for our 5,000 mile road trip, the washing machine took a crap, with my clothes still floating in the dirty water. I called an appliance guy and a few hours later, he was there. I told him it was probably the timer/control panel that need replacing. He said, "OK, I'll replace it, but it won't fix the problem."

OK, I now felt about as stupid as one could be. I shut up while he explained that it was the safety switch on the bottom side of the lid. It stops spinning, filling and draining in case a child was to crawl inside. Five minutes later (and $130 less in my pocket) I was back to washing my clothes.

We are now packing up the car, with our ice chests, lap tops, smart phones, iPads, and all the other necessities in life, and we will be out of here no later than 6AM. Next stop will be in Rawlins, Wyoming, which is ~ 1000 miles northeast!
Bought a new Roberts kicker still in the box for $20 at a yard sale, then went home and fixed two lawn mowers I had bought as junk and got them ready to sell.
Hav, you need to stop in Tucson on the way back. I'm buying.

@ Nick, I hate funerals, not going to my own.

@ Floorist, I might send my Sears circa 60 ish push mover to you for sharpening. OK?

Today I did an inspection for a guy who got screwed by a rep and retailer who said his laminate was jacked because of topical moisture and or moisture coming from the crawl space in a manufactured home. Neither or which were true. I'm feeling good about myself. The consumer is under his mortgage, his wife got laid off, barely has money to fight these SOB's. Has been fighting them since Dec 2010. It's been a good day.
a bedroom in carpet and in a dining room -----since noone locally does binding---constructed an area rug out of vinyl cove cap we had kickin around
Funerals are certainly not fun. Sorry for your loss Nick.

Today, I am headed N/E for a 1000 mile drive to my first destination , in a small hick town somewhere in Wyoming. I'm driving a car which should get between 21 and 27 MPG. Care to guess how much in fuel I'll be spending?
Thanks Guys .
My brother lives in Colorado, was paying $70.00 a week in gas . Bought a Pria

Getting 52mpg up there . He now pays $20.00 a week . It has a 9 gallon gas tank.:cool:
Went to my close friends funeral today. we grew up together from the tender age of 6 .

I went to a close friend's fathers funeral on that same day............. but discovered when I goth there, that it was the wrong Saturday. :eek: I guess I'll go to it again in a couple weeks. I'm not getting any smarter as I age.:rolleyes:
I've know my friend since about age 5 or 6, and his dad was one of those old farts what could put you at ease and put a smile on your face in two seconds. He was 84.
I was working that day, patching in some new carpet in the corner of a living room where a 5 by 10 hearth used to be. Carpet was 10 years old and faded.......... the new carpet is a different type of course. The match in color was 'so-so' ...................and it gave me an excuse to use my serpentine straight edge. Now the color and style mismatch is wavy instead of a just a boring straight line. :D Customer is happy, and there was no alternative because recarpeting simply wasn't in the budget.
Driver's side power window quit on my work van. I just bought the motor to replace the passenger side a couple days ago. I'm about ready to put the motor back together on my old 1 ton and start driving it every day. Every time I fix something on the van, something else breaks.
Today, I am cat sitting, dog sitting and watching my friend's garden grow. They are down in Colorado for the next 7 days.
Gotta run, the oven is preheated for my pizza.
.....gonna be a long afternoon. :D
Finished 650 ft of bruce nail down. I've done a lot of Bruce and its terrible how hit or miss this stuff is. All the wood was junk.
You should go to their two day class in Tenn Ken .
They pay for everything . See how it is made .

Bruce has two grades lower then dundee , believe it or not .

How low can you go?
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