Are flashlights "automotive"

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Mar 6, 2011
Well they are if you're greasing your u-joints and can't see clearly. šŸ˜
My S10 has three u-joints, the front one is ungreasable as it's a permanently greased u-joint just like the factory did. Then there's a carrier bearing and two more u-joints. I installed the one at the rear end backwards a number of years ago. The grease fitting being installed backwards is too tight to allow the grease gun to fit in so I have to remove the two holding straps, drop the driveline, put a c-clamp on two of the bearing ends so that I can grease it......
This time I cleaned up the yolk where the u-joint mounts and I also ran a tap through the four bolt holes to clean them up a bit.
Anyway that you joints are all in good shape but the bushing on the tail shaft of the transmission has a little slop in it though it doesn't leak. I suppose I can add that to the things that need to get done at some point.
Anyway after removing the jack stands and lowering the back of the truck I decided it was time to drive down to the market and grab a beer. I should have done that on my way home but I was focused on my u-joints.
Anyway it was just dark enough that I turn my headlights on, on the way to the market. It's only 3 miles round trip. As I drove down the short gravel road from my place there's a bit of a washboard in the gravel, so I drive slowly.
Even driving slowly when I bounced a little there's a hard crunch kind of like a shock absorber that's loose. Never heard that noise before though.
10 minutes later as I turned onto the gravel road there's a bright light in the middle of the road. As I slow down and open my door I instantly realized.......
Tho I picked up all my tools, pulled out the tarp that I lay on when working under my truck and I removed the jack stands and the jack......
...I totally forgot about my flashlight stuck to the crossmember. Hey, it wasn't dark yet!
Anyhow with my Harbor Freight flashlight hanging down, it bottomed out when I hit one of those bumps.
Didn't hurt at one tiny bit even though it was a pretty hard bump.
I tell you what if you want to buy a good flashlight this is the one you want.
It's got a light on the end as a normal flashlight and it has a wide bar on the top and a small bar on the bottom of the handle and a very strong magnet.
It's one of the better things at Harbor Freight sells. Icon is there a top end brand for a lot of tools and it's really good stuff.
The flashlight was 39.95 but worth every penny of it. I've had it for a good 5 months. I love it.
On the top end there's a teeny tiny stuff too hard to see. That's the plastic end, and it's some damn good plastic. There's a little dent on the magnet in, the housing is aluminum.
If you want a good multi-purpose flashlight this is it.
Is rechargeable, but you can use it while it's plugged in also.


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