Bathroom Marble Transition Problem

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Mar 20, 2015
I am installing 600 sq. ft. Pergo laminate and I am running into a problem. There is a marble transition piece that is between the tile in my bathroom and the carpet in the bedroom. I am wondering if i can "butt" up to the marble transitional piece and leave the space on the other side of the wall for expansion. This would only be for 3 feet on a 15 foot wall.
I have asked every person at home depot and lowes with no luck. I also cant find anything on YouTube.
Here are the pictures of the problem.[email protected]/16849935776/[email protected]/16849935916/in/photostream/[email protected]/16875819505/in/photostream/[email protected]/16849936316/in/photostream/

I was thinking maybe i could leave a small gap and fill it with the Pergo silicone in the seam and leave the gap on the other side for the expansion.
I am open to all suggestions and really appreciate any advice.


Mar 6, 2011
I keep getting an "oops" from Flicker when I click the links.
Sounds like it will work. I did a really strange/similar mod in a lot larger room and it's been OK for 15 years.
The room was about 18 by 22, and the owner insisted on a flush mounted stair nose molding. I tacked and glued the stair nose molding in place, then added some silicone in she gap where shown, so the material's expansion could be somewhat controlled. It couldn't twist or move right and left, only away from the fixed molding in a parallel fashion.

I think the most important part of what I did was filling the gap for about 18 inches to the left and right of the fixed trim with silicone, so that any twisting movement wouldn't tear apart the glued molding seam.

Pergo against tile silicone 500.jpg