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It should alarm every American citizen that the sitting President of the United States, who has opened our border to over 9 million illegals, just announced that he would veto our bill to prevent noncitizens from voting. pic.twitter.com/gekEIsM6Tz

Speaker Mike Johnson (@SpeakerJohnson) July 8, 2024
Trust Mike Johnson but verify ! Trust fact checker but verify 🤷🏻‍♂️


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Target store in Sacramento, CA has been had so many thefts thus calling the police that now they are being threatened with a fine for calling the police too much.
And now California has the highest unemployment rate in the nation....5.3%


10,000 fewer fast food jobs after the wage hike.
Maybe this could create the beginning of Corporate restructuring ? …. A more
‘ Bottom Up ‘ approach, where the bottom workers are shown / given a bigger piece of the pie and CEO ‘s less.

Or ? Maybe, the Corporate dominance
Of Fast Food is going to phase out and independent Mom / Pop’s phase in….. like Forest Gump says : Both ! Could be both happening at the same time. 😜
Just heard Adam Kinzinger’s analysis on CNN about the Presidential race and this guy is Sharp ! …. He may not be right about the nuance feelings of the Republican MAGA agenda 😜 but his no nonsense Military Officer approach to things is quite impressive.
CNN? Come on buddy. You know that is all fake news there!
😂…. They’ve been throwing Joe under the bus lately, so I guess you could say some of the news isn’t fake. 😜 And if some is true, maybe all is true 🤷🏻‍♂️ …What’s a citizen to do ? take a poo 💩 then paddle a canoe 🛶 to the poles and just throw a dart.
Who would landscape all those golf courses if we shut it down ? … I just don’t see it as a realistic endeavor and so cut and dry. However ! I may change my mind the second before I pull the leaver, because Joe is slipping.

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