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Jul 18, 2013
I just launched a new forum yesterday in my city that will be a place for the locals to go and discuss events and goings on around the area.

My question is, how do you take a forum and build it up to something big that people go to on a daily basis? I've never built a forum from the ground up before and any advice would be appreciated. We are using facebook mainly to advertise by the way.
Get your friends on there and encourage them to get their friends and so on. I have a Facebook forum about my hometown that has about 800 members. That's how I started.
Good advice fellas. I guess it's like a snowball. Once it starts rolling well, it will pick up more and more.

Nick, are you talking about tagging the posts, or is there a specific place in vbulletin to add tags?
Login into your Admin Panel > Click on "Forums & Moderators" in the side-menu > Now select "Add New Forum".

Then just fill in your info. If you want to have the forum under a tag you just press the "Parent Forum" drop down list and select your forum... Parent Forum = Tag.

If you want to CREATE a Tag you just do the same thing but in the settings you just select "NO" where it says "Act as Forum", then you will get a new tag.

The Bots pick up on the metatags and bring up your site for a person looking for a certain thing .
Thanks for letting me know that. I've only ever ran WordPress sites so vbulletin is a whole new game for me.


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