Hurricane season preparations

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Oct 22, 2011
Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
On another family forum, someone was concerned with what to do in the event you are in the path of a hurricane. Are you prepared to deal with your weapons?

When you are evacuated for a potential hurricane or other natural disaster, do you know what to do?

I will tell you from years of volunteering with the American Red Cross is if you are evacuated with your weapons, you will be denied from entering any temporary Red Cross shelter. Some believe they should remove their weapons from an evacuated house because of fear the looters will steal them, then the police would now be dealing with armed looters.

This is a topic that should be discussed with all homeowners who may become evacuated. What will YOU do with your weapons IF you are forced to leave your home?

Working Safety and Security for the Red Cross, we are prohibited from allowing unsecure weapons in a facility which have as many as 200-300 persons, many of which are small children. We will work with local law enforcement to allow you to secure the weapons in their facility so when the disaster has passed, you will be allowed to take them away. This isn't always guaranteed, so please reach out to your local police department now.

I understand the concern, so discussing what to do with your weapons beforehand is really important.

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