DIY Homeowner Facing Challenges Patching in and Extending Existing Flooring

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Nov 22, 2022
DIY homeowner from PA working on a few flooring projects soon. I've put down 6-7 hardwood floors in the past and have been able to overcome any tricky parts on my own. I have a few challenges in my family room where I would love some feedback. My house has flooring that was installed throughout the first floor of my house...except for half of my family room and in my office. In the Family room, I'd like to finish running hardwood but I have to splice it in and get around a fireplace. My specific questions:

1. 2 1/4" Bruce Dundee strip in Gunstock (CB211) is the flooring that was installed throughout the first floor of my house. I'm trying to find the cheapest place to scoop up this flooring and I'm open to any suggestions.

2. There is this nifty 45 degree angle where the flooring meets the half wall. Once I rip out the carpet and start running the hardwood, what is the best way to take out that angle and splice in new boards?


3. The biggest challenge is the fireplace. The stone is irregular and wavy at the bottom. What is the best way to put down hardwood around this? I've seen undercutting the stone but are there any other options?


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