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I am amazed at the process. I think it's looking good and practical.
Thanks, Hardwood!

I was going to do more cleaning today but my body would not cooperate at all. I'm still trying to motivate myself to go find my tools but my legs are refusing to move the way I want them to. I'm going to at least try to go find some of the tools though. I need my pex cutter and the sharkbite removal tool.
Previously on Procrastination Island... I needed to clean the floor, fix the toilet seat, trim pex line, & install toilet. So, today I did all of those-- with help of course.

I scrubbed the crap out of that floor square by square (mopping with floor cleaner wasn't cutting it bc it has this weird texture).

Got the toilet into the room. Set it on this brown paper I nabbed for free from Samsclub (backstory- I was looking at it where some products had been cleared and an employee overheard me saying I wondered if they would mind if I took some of the papers. He said "Take it! Take it all! Please!" because then he wouldn't have to deal with it). So, I took the whole stack of papers. Set toilet on it and traced around it to make a template for a platform later. Decided to set tank on it so floor wouldn't get scraped just in case. Had it ready for a test-fit (sans gasket). I had to align the bolts properly so it would be more parallel to the wall. The flange is crooked to the wall.

I had my friend put my fancy chrome and porcelain lever on because I don't like the default lever. My lever is all metal (except for porcelain) but the previous one has plastic that breaks. We've had 2 of those levers break over the years.

Got my new trash can in

I glued the broken piece of the toilet seat off (was just a tiny bit of plastic needed to help it catch a bolt to stay on). 24 hours cure time on that. Got some tp and wet wipes in there now. Need to attach my top holder to the wall, get my new towel bars on, etc.

I had to lift the floor to get a small screw that somehow slipped under and got in the middle so it is more puffy than it was before. That bit in the corner to the left of the toilet will be hidden by toilet brush and other supplies so I don't care.

I'm happy with it and my brother is happy that he doesn't have to go outside to pee if someone else is in the main bathroom.
It does feel good, although I forgot to put a level on the floor and my entire room is sagging to the west. LOL. I thought I had messed up on my leveling job when sitting on the toilet. I put the level on the toilet and on the plywood floor (under the vinyl) and realized its the same slope. So the leveling mix is flat but the floor is not level. I think this side of the house sunk a little. Plumber dug out underneath to access stuff and there's a big pit and the water has been going under and undermined the soil and at least one of the support blocks dropped and is no longer touching the beam. Might have to call a leveling service to come in.

I keep starting to head to my mother's room when I have to use the bathroom and have to keep reminding myself to go to my own. I do miss the bidet seat but once I find where the hell I put my shattaff thing I will install it.

This is the latest pic:

Counter had been completely covered and sink was buried. It's cluttered, but it looks like this now:

I think 90% of the stuff up there is dental care supplies. LOL. I need to move the Henry box to see if it flattened the crease there. I discovered an unopened water pick. Still need to get my q-tips up there and some more dental stuff-- I have floss picks. LOL.

I still need to tackle this jenga puzzle in my tub:

The brown sheets are in between cardboard and paper. Thicker than construction paper I think. Great for templates.
A "leveling" company will charge you the cost of a new car. I'd just find a way to resupport the floor under that area so it doesn't continue.
Also, get the water away from the house if you can, even if it means a tarp and bricks.
Water isn't good for foundations, especially blocks or piers.
Quote a bit of the water is coming from the condensate line from the AC. The installers ran it so it terminated under the house and drips down. I may have to pile up some bricks and try to figure out how to get that one pier that fell back up. It dropped about a foot and I can see that the ground around is undermined with water. Even if I have to use some quickrete and coat the hole with it to prevent further erosion it might work. I asked about the leveling company who worked on a friend's house- charged $9500 and apparently didn't do it right so he wouldn't recommend it. He sunk $40k into a rental house he's fixing up. The house couldn't even sell for $40k in this area. Houses were selling for $3k and $11k. With all the deadbeat tenants around, I don't think my friend will see a return on the investment. The tenants that messed the house up were there when his father (the former owner) died and as soon as he died they stopped paying rent bc they had no respect for the rest of the family. They stayed there a year after the death and never paid rent and refused to leave or pay up. He had to go to court to get them a 3 day eviction notice. They trashed the place in response.

On the upside (unrelated to the floor) I got my sink cleaned up decently.
Before (this was after I attemped to scrub it with just lysol and a scrubby sponge):

A bunch of baking soda & white vinegar soaking overnight plus salt for grit, some scrubby sponges, a plothora of swearing, elbow grease, and eventually some nail care pumice stones later and this is After:

It has some scratches and even a chip, but its ok. The stopper doesn't work worth crap though. Plastic piece of junk. I need to replace it. Gonna get rid of that caulk and try to paint or do something on the edge of the sink where it is black (bc its cast iron and the glaze wasn't put on the edges). I wish I could find the right size chrome trim. LOL. Caulk is all lumpy and needs to go. I scrubbed the caulk with a toothbrush.

Currently trying to get rid of a red spot on the floor. I put baking soda on top of it and a vinegar soaked paper towel. Gonna scrub it while its wet and hope it comes out after I let it sit overnight.

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