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Mar 9, 2018

I had another thread going but can't find it now.

So , I tried to level my floor in the basement for the purpose of having it completely flat when I lay Dricore subfloor. The problem I had and still have after using SLC in a small bedroom is that when I put the Dricore boards I still get areas where they are not flash to the concrete and hence when you step on them they make a noise when connecting with concrete underneath.

I had about 5-6 contractor come through and all of them said they they are unlikely to get better results (I don't know... I am skeptical but it is the answers I'm getting).

One of them proposed something that in principle seems like a good idea but I wonder how good it is in practice. He proposed to lay the Dricore into still wet concrete so that when it dries the board is dead set and hence will eliminate any kind of movement when you step on it.

Now, my basement is pretty dry and I see very little risk of any water getting into the concrete or ever needing to redo the floor again.

Did anyone ever do this? Heard of this? Is the guy out of his element or is that a viable solution?

Would greatly appreciate your folks' input.

I remember your thread. Did you check for flatness after pouring the SLC? You should with a six ft level. If you find any just use some quick patch.
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