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Nov 18, 2023

I am shopping for engineered hardwood flooring for my 1200 sq ft townhouse. I "should" get LVP for the downstairs because I board dogs, but I want one floor throughout and I don't want that much plastic. I do have CoreTec tiles in my kitchen and bathrooms and laundry room.

I am confused about the various finishing products and processes, the "insides" of the flooring sandwich, the refinish ability, and the value of getting a product made in USA or Canada or Europe. I would love a floor with no bevels.

Uptown Floors in Ohio sells both solid and engineered flooring, sourced and manufactured in the US. They have an amazing range of woods, variations of each wood, width of boards, finishes including degree of gloss.

The engineered is 3/4", 5.8mm wear layer, plywood core, can be bought unfinished, good candidate for refinishing.

I'm not sure I can afford it, and I haven't sent for samples yet, but it seems like the one to beat.....except for these questions: are the other composite fillers better because they are less prone to liquid damage? Are the latest finishes better than the one they use?

Is this as good as it seems? Am I thinking about the right aspects of the choice? Any recommendations for other brands or lines within brands?

thank you in advance.

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