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Jan 4, 2017
I've been refinishing floors off and on for a few years now and most of the time for the field I rented an EZ-8 Clarke drum sander. I recently purchased one used and for some reason after the fourth or fifth length of flooring I go down the paper roll I'm using starts to drift to the left of the machine and pulls itself off center. I have to stop the machine and re-center the paper on the drum. I've never had to do this on any machine I've used before. Is there some adjustment I'm missing? Or are the drum's fingers not holding the paper properly and it needs to be replaced? If it's the latter does anyone know a quick fix to get me through the next couple months so I can get up some money to buy a new one?

Thanks for the help.
There should be a adjustment on the side . Call Clark John , There is nothing in their manual about adjustment.
Thank you Nick, I have contacted Clarke recently. Unfortunately Clarke has sold the rights for the EZ-8 Sander to a company called Pioneer Eclipse that is owned by the Amana Appliance group. Their technicians that I have spoke to so far don't know much about the machine and I was hoping to find someone who had a similar problem in the past. If one of their people gets back to me soon and reveals a quick fix for the issue I will make sure and let the forum know.
Thanks John. The sliding of the paper back and forth tells me the paper is not tight enough on the drum.

When i sanded Bowling Alleys we had a machine called the Super Sander .

Covered the width of the lane . We have to adjust it all the way down the lane to keep it from tracking left to right .

Good Luck.

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