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Jan 18, 2022
Hey flooring dudes and chicks. I’m new here and I have a question to all the guys who have installed laminate floors on stairs. I’ve been installing laminate and hardwood floors for around 20 years but I’ve never installed laminate on steps. Obviously I have a lot more to learn. Whats the best glue to use that Home Depot sells for installing the overlap laminate nosing? I’ve heard liquid nails is not a good idea. Maybe it depends on what type of liquid nails? Thanks everyone for your help.
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Glad to have you here. I don't recall but one time that I set a laminate on stairs and I've been installing full covering since before 1975 so don't feel all that bad asking questions.
It's not blue, it's 'adhesive' 😁
Okay, now I'll let one of the smart guys answer your question. 😉
I'm betting you'll get different answers for a laminate and lvp.
Part of that would depend on if it's an overlapping molding. If it's a slightly overlapping more than you'd be gluing the molding and directly to the stair tread.
There are some stereos moldings that are very thin on the top side and are adhered to the LVP itself.
If that's the situation I'd like to know an answer to. I just don't get around to doing stairs with LBP or laminates or even wood. I just don't see it, so like you, I'd be asking questions too.
The smart guys here are pretty darn smart and they'll probably follow right up on your question before your possums even half way cooked.
I like to use locktite PL.
I've used all of the construction adhesives that are out there and honestly can't think of one callback for any issues. Just make sure everything is good and clean to get a good bond.

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