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Feb 21, 2011
The free state of Missouri
My wife reminded me of something that happened several years ago that I found funny at the time.

For about 10 years I made handmade furniture that I sold at craft shows. There were these two brothers who sold stuff at many of the same shows. Typical farmer types, bib overalls, flannel shirts, work boots. They lived on the same farm where they were born. They had an outhouse and used well water, no running water in their house. Washed their clothes by hand and hung them on tree limb to dry.
One day I asked Maynard (real name), what did you do before you retired?
He asked if I knew where Almagordo New Mexico is? Sure
He said he designed and set up the computer system for our country's nuclear weapons program..... And he was now making a living carving walking sticks with dragons and snakes on them.
Yes, Rusty I find stories like that very interesting. He surely spent thousands and thousands of hours in scientific research/academic preparation through high school, college, Masters degree, Ph.D and postdoctoral studies. Comparable to something Ted Williams did to prepare for a career as a Major League Baseball player.

So I expect he was about DONE with that phase of life and needed-------in every sense------to work with his hands and nature as opposed to the theoretical and more brainly functions.
I thought people like that had to kill ya after telling you what they did. :D
I can see that happening.......... reverting back to a low stress environment and loving it.

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