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Jul 11, 2011
Davison, Mi, Michigan
A couple of years ago my neighbor and I talking realized something wasn't right across the street at an older neighbors house who we were friendly with. On checking he was home but no one answered the door and car was in garage. We were able to get ahold of his son-in-law who found a way into the house. Long story short he had had a stroke in the bathroom and was passed out in his walker after taking a shower. His wife was already in a rest home and he went to join her after sometime in the hospital and will never be able to come home again. She passed. So their house going to be put up for sale and they are cleaning up and out the house.
Today I was contacted by the son-in-law too come over and see if I wanted his tools. Now he was one hell of a wood worker and made beautiful furniture and grandfather clocks what have you.
Here is the kicker, I get it all FREE OF CHARGE. Table saws, radial arm saws, planer, joiner, clamps, you name it it is there. Some things more than one like routers, drills, roto-zips, sanders all of it. We will be carrying boxes, and tools for a week.. Now all I got to do is find a place for the, some of which I already have. Just for doing a good deed and all of this I get.
I did offer some money but it was refused.

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