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Jun 29, 2011
Let's see if I can get this across and you guys tell me if I am totally out of line about this as the McDonald's clerk seemed to think I was.

It's summer, it's hot, I eat breakfast at McDonald's most mornings. All drinks are $1 right now.
This morning my son was with me and he ordered a # item that would include; the item, a drink, and the potato thingy.

I ordered only a breakfast sandwich, a large drink, and a large coffee.

In the summer I get a large Styrofoam cup that will last for several hours in the heat. This morning I asked for both cold drinks (mine and his) to be in Styrofoam cup.

The clerk had already totalled the cash register and collected my money.

When I asked for the second cup to be a Styrofoam cup she went back to the register and rang up another $1 plus tax ($1.07)

Since my son's order already included a drink in the price I didn't seem to be getting any credit for the drink that was included with his order. She was charging me full price (again) for his drink.

When I challenged her she snatched the cash register receipt from the tray it was laying on and plopped it down on the counter in front of me and began to point to each individual item and recite the price of each item. I was fine with that and agreeable. But she also indicated she needed to collect the additional $1.07.

Was I being charged for four drinks and only receiving three or not?

I understand my son's drink would have normally been a medium and me asking for the larger Styrofoam cup (for him) would carry a slight up-charge, but FULL CHARGE? I don't think so. ALL DRINKS ARE $1 RIGHT NOW!!!
WTF am I missing here?

You ain't heard the best yet.

I was so damned pissed and she was so damned rude that I walked out of the damned place. Problem is...she had my money and my food.

So I fixed them. I went to the next McDonald's down the street and ordered all over again. And paid all over again too. The up-side is...I got what I wanted and it didn't include the $1.07 up-charge and I didn't have to throw a fit.

The down-side is...frigging' McDonald's sold me two breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and three drinks and it only cost me 20 bucks.:)

Hell I coulda had breakfast at Red Lobster for that price.:)
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Glad you're not my lawyer Bud.:D
Call them and speak with the manager .
I don't eat at those joints myself . my body being a temple and all.:eek:
I did get some cold crap from them once ,and a call got me a few free meals .
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Mc Donalds has always had a strange pricing structure. If you buy a meal that comes with a medium drink and want a large drink, the upgrade costs $1. The same price that it would cost by itself. And you don't get the medium drink that came with the meal. Makes no sense.:confused:
They rip you off don't they, I had a set to once in mcds over ice in my drink I didn't want it and she said I had to have it I said I ain't gotta have anything I don't want she still insisted and I said do it and I'll dump the ice on the counter so its upto you no tell ya what love get the manager then, over he comes half my age and says its compulsory I said since when he said always I said so you can do my burger without any salad or pickles if I want and you can't give me a coke without ice long pause as he thinks and then I get what I want.
The only reason they put ice in is it takes up half the cup so they use less coke, I wanted what I payed for a large coke not half coke and half ice.
A friend who managed a McDonalds told me they figure they have 8 cents in a $1 coke, labor, cup and everything.

That's about right. My information is their cost on a large soft drink is .12 cents total.:)