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Jun 25, 2011
, AZ
Did some of that fun stuff yesterday for a client who owns rentals. Had to demo a layer of old vinyl and some brittle 12 x 12 vct under it. :eek: So much fun with an evap cooler going in 107F and 90% humidity. Actually went pretty smooth once you skin off the top layer of vinyl.

The customer bought 2 full boxes of armstong peel and schtick plus 14 seperate tiles. Didn't notice that they were a different run number till I had all fourteen of them down and opened the boxes, total color shade varience.:mad: All the other numbers matched on the boxes and paper backing sticker. The run numbers are printed on the back of the tiles with the arrow.

Course I was over a glass smooth colored concrete slab circa 1940ish and I had primered the slab as every good installer would....stuck like a muther. lol

Called the client , she ran to HD, called me to talk to the HD person on the cell. HD person says theres no way to figure out if they are different run numbers.......really I said? Try peeling off the back paper and tell me what you see. :p Had the field done and most of the cuts, demo'd the 14 tiles before she even got there. Glad it was a small kitchen.

Anyway, it was fun. Kinda reminded me of the 70's an 80's working for Standard Brands and Color Tile.
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that reminds of a job i'll never forget we did ... we did the carpet(that was the job) then homeowner said could you lay some vct(they had the room all prepped and ready) so we said sure, so we spread the clear thin set then asked where the tiles were "oh there being delivered now"..a pallet full! so we get them in the home and opened them...PEEL AND STICK! feel sorry fur the next guy:D
When I had rentals, always glued my peel-and-sticks. Myself! I have huge respect for making edge and corner cuts, let me tell you. Screwed up more than one, or even five, or maybe even ten!!

Yea using adhesive is best, specially on a rough floor or going over top other vct. Even just a skim coat with the back of a trowel works great if you don't have lots of time to sit and watch glue dry or have any primer.

Being it was so humid and hot and the floor so smooth I decided to just do the primer. Otherwise I would have had to come back next week probably.
Good post!
Armstrong P&S is used alot in lower cost apartments maybe small kitchen or entryway I don't much bother with the pattern as long as the arrows are all up same direction there boxes of 18x18" are costly and for the money can do better with something else in my opionion.

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