The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

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Jun 27, 2014
I believe the system is windows 8 or 8.1 (not certain).
Mainboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
Processor: AMD FX-8350
Video Card: ASUS Radeon RX 480
RAM: 16Gb
Hard disk: WD 250Gb SSD

Initial problem was apparent video card failure evident by green lines and static all over the screen. After multiple reboots, computer would not load windows but message was not visible.
Upon opening the chassis I discovered mouse droppings, dead bugs, dry larva, & the smell of mouse urine (it had dried at that point) as well as some nesting materials in the bottom of the PC.
I cleaned it up as best I could, replaced the video card, set it back up & turned it on. This time it said there was a disk load error & that the disk might be missing or damaged. I took it all apart, secured the cables, noted dried mouse urine on the outside casing of the SSD (but nothing near the wires or any openings). Set it back up & this time it loaded more & said it needed to run a repair. Ran the repair & at first it said it failed. Ran again and it seemed to take. Then got the following message:
The User Profile Service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.

Rebooted again and am stuck at that point. It lets me see her login name but I get that error whenever I enter. Watched Youtube videos & read troubleshooting pages. The solution requires entering windows in Safe Mode. Problem is, her computer doesn't seem to have a safe mode option. I hit F8 while rebooting. I held shift and hit F8 while rebooting. I held shift while clicking "reboot". I tried the options listed at the bootup menu but none of them had anything that would let me enter safe mode. So, I believe my only option now is to use a boot disk-- which I don't have. I have a friend who has offered to help when he gets a day off, but he works every day until December 5th.

I really hope that the SSD card is not damaged. The wires seemed unharmed.

In the meantime, I need to get her to keep food away from her computer and to be more diligent about getting rid of trash to not invite mice. Ideally I'd like to replace her whole damn desk. The current one is a cluttered mess.
Oh, I tried spamming F8. I tried spamming Shift F8 too. I also tried holding it to see if that made a difference. Nothing worked.
That's actually the article I read earlier and followed the instructions. Can't do msconfig because I can't fully load windows. It just gets stuck at the user profile nonsense. I read somewhere that they disabled F8 for safe mode in Win 8.
I suspect I'm just going to have to get a boot disk somehow. I read they can be put on USB. I've also told Mom to keep food and trash away from her computer. The mice don't need encouragement to go near her pc.

I found this thread from a person with the same problem, but they were able to get in to safe mode.

I still can't get in to safe mode.
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Nick, that only works if you can login as Admin. Problem is, there is literally no way to login at all. There is only one user account on the computer. The only option is to login to her account but it always kicks back to the aforementioned error. Only other option is to click the power to Sleep, Restart, or Shut Down. I've restarted over 10 times and no luck.
It requires entering Windows.
  • You will only be able to do a repair install from within Windows 8.
There is no option to reset or repair.
Download it to your your Confuser ,and load it to a CD, or USB drive , Then put the disk in your moms Confuser ..
When you get the repair disk , in command line look up how to use "net user" , would be nice to know what comes up ??

I've had some who deleted their profile , but at the moment don't remember the fix ?? but did get it to work.

will follow to see how you make out !!
I hope I can find a downloadable boot disk that isn't too large of a file. I can't remember if she has 8 or 8.1. Can do it to a thumb drive but will have to go into boot settings to tell it to boot from USB port. Or could see if a friend could burn a CD for me. I don't believe I have a DVD-R on my pc but I'd have to check and figure out which disks to get for recording purposes. I know my friend has burned copies of stuff on cd before though.
Update: I took the computer over to a friend's house. He downloaded Windows 8.1 boot disk and tried to run it but discovered that somehow her computer had forced an update to Windows 10. It corrupted her user profile, screwed up her drivers, etc. It would not let him boot into safe mode and made him do a full re-install- it removed her games & programs but kept her files & data.

He got Windows 10 fully updated & loaded drivers & everything was working fine (although it says it is an unregistered version of Win10-- can't find the stuff that had the 8.1 code to do an upgrade- mom's desk is a disaster and there's a dead mouse somewhere either on it or under it). When I got it home and hooked it to the monitor, there was no signal. It worked fine at my friend's house but it was plugged in to the HDMI port instead of DVI. Her monitor is only VGA and DVI. So I got a DVI to HDMI cable & it worked, for awhile. It stopped sending signal again and I found a solution online to pull the RAM and push it back in harder & that worked, again, for awhile. Sometimes when it boots up, no signal to monitor. Other times there is signal, but if the computer idles the signal goes out and won't come back. My friend thinks it might be the monitor bc it's very old.

Might have to try telling it not to go in to black screen idle mode, but we might have to get a new monitor. I certainly don't want to have to keep pulling it out and re-clicking the RAM in over and over.

What do you guys think? Monitor problem? Or could it be Windows 10 not being registered?

If she gets a new monitor it will have to fit in a 22" wide space and have a very short stand (or adjustable to short because it sits on top of a little platform). I believe the video card does 4k so a 4k monitor would be nice. Don't want it to be too pricey though.
Thanks. That's what I was thinking. Is there a way where she can just pay Microsoft to get the registration code?
I wish there was still a way to get it free, but buying it will be better than having issues bc it isn't registered.

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