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I bought a picnic basket the other day. Kinda excited to use it. Does anybody else out there picnic anymore or is that one more thing we used to do but nobody does anymore?
It's hard to find a park bench around here without a bum encampment surrounding it or else reeking of a recent settlement.
Is NPR ( National PUBLIC Radio) controlled by the rich ?

Another thought as I’m watching Roland Garros tennis tournament. Nadal has dominated the Red Clay surface for years, but his reign is over 🥲 Anywho, here’s the two thoughts 🤔 :

1 > wouldn’t it be nice to receive encouragement and reward , like athletes get, during the course of our work day 😎

2 > Not all fans scream encouragement, 👻 😒 So ! wouldn’t it be nice to remain goal determined, and focused on what’s in our control, like athletes do.
Retirement at age 60.
It about 6 minutes long. Skip ahead to the 4::30 point if you have short attention spans 😂
This is his very last run. Wowza, what a way to retire, setting a new world record.

Photo quality was lacking back then. Daris, Rusty.... do you remember the good old days?


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