Tile on stairway tripping issue

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Mar 6, 2011
A guy has a rental and wants to make this set of stairs safer. He said the tile edge metal on the nose of the steps sticks up 1/16" higher than the tile on the tread The metal is brass colored so sanding the metal edge would show the aluminum color.
He want's to cover the tile with carpet or a carpet runner. Anything that would get rid of the lip of metal that's causing the problem.
He's looking at a dense commercial carpet. "Wall to wall" or a runner, question is how to adhere it yet have it removable without damaging the tile. No pad would be installed, just carpet.

It's a rental and he promised to pay minimum wage............ so I said, "cool, a raise" :D

Carpet, or maybe some other material just on the tread? Looking for ideas.


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Why is he worrying about damaging the tile ? I would stick it and install it wall to wall.. If the cpt comes loose and someone gets hurt, Guess who they are coming after ..
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Isn't there a non-tackstrip method just using a glue gun? Maybe stair rods would help.
Stair rods would be good along with some HD double faced tape.
It's a rental house and I think the best thing is to price it through the roof.
I need to look at it in person first. Plan is carpet and no pad.
Be nice if there was something that would work just on the treads.............. but that wouldn't work because of the landing needing the same. I'm assuming that landing has the same issue.

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