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Dec 18, 2018
I have a question about a questionable contractor. I recently had my tile flooring replaced with vinyl flooring. When demoing the tile they did not wrap plastic around any door ways or vents. This resulted in a lot of dust getting literally all over our house. My question is this, is it normal for no plastic to be wrapped around our vents? They got dust that got circulated into our HVAC system as they did not wrap plastic around the vent that circulates the air and they did not shut off our heat (which I guess could be my fault as I didn't even think about it).

They should have sealed everything off ..
Alright. Maybe the better business bureau can help us. Its been a nightmare. They did a horrible job when demoing the tile. When we complained about the dust in the vents they just told us it was normal.

^ this is what a lot of our baseboards looked like after. They had different people install the vinyl planks and they did a alright job. The problem was with the tile demo. They did send a third party out to fix our baseboards and they complained to their boss about how bad of a job the demoing of the tile was.


^ this was wrapped in the plastic but they didn't tape it down. The dust got everywhere. We had to clean and wash every single dish in our cabinets. They even dinged the cabinets up but the third party sent out fixed that for us too. They wouldn't do the vents though, they said we needed to talk to the floor company about that. They did the bathrooms too and left all the doors open so dust got all over our master bedroom, the hallways, the living room, etc.


^ they even banged up the walls but we also got that fixed.


^ this is from the attic where we change the filter. All that dust wasn't there prior. All the vents that were exposed have caked dust like that.

The problem we are having is with the vents. They told us it was normal and are refusing to do anything about them. We been battling the company for the last year and a half just to honor their warranty. Its really difficult to get them to commit to doing anything. I really don't think all the dust in our vents is "normal"
Thanks. I will probably have to sue to get them to do anything but at least now I know its not normal. I already contacted BBB, people tell me to file a complaint with the attorney general too but I'm not sure what they can do. I'm hoping with any of this they will just take me serious and just do it, sometimes the threat is good enough. The guy I've been talking to, their territory manager, knows very little. After I showed him the baseboards he said they just needed to be caulked. There was a gap where the toilet goes and he told the plumber to just caulk it, the plumber refused. The whole things been one big mess.
Its going to be hard to prove the dust in the vents wasn't there to begin with, at least partially anyways. The AG may help get money back, kinda doubt it. You should have been warned it is a very dusty ordeal,, but closing vents and pulling dust off with fans helps along with plastic around cabinets and counters.....unless it's 20 below outside. Here in AZ with have a contractors board, if you have one they may help.
I'll have to look into the contractors board. Our house is only a year and a half old. I can get pictures of the vents that were in the "dust zone" and pictures of the vents that were not and therefore clean. We didn't have to pay much. We paid for an "upgrade" because when they put the floor in the house when it was being constructed it was done incorrectly and since it was under warranty they were going to replace the tile. The wife didn't want tile so we paid extra for them to put in vinyl planks. It was around 60 outside the days they were here (Texas so it doesn't get to cold in the winter usually).
Actually it looks like there is some dust in the others now too, just less. Which is expected since our system circulates the air around the house. Maybe it will be hard to prove but our house not being that old I don't see how that much dust could get into our vents otherwise.
We took pictures but the bigger vent that circulates the air isn't in them. You can see some of the other smaller vents not being covered.

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