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Oct 26, 2011
jamison, Pennsylvania
We want to hire someone to sand and restain hardwood and steps. However I want to install hardwood on 2 rooms that have carpet beforehand. So, do I install unfinished hardwood? If so, where can i purchase unfinished hardwood. The flooring in my home looks like Bruce gunstock
It's all Red in this area .. Ask the company you are buying it from .. Should say what it is on the box ..
I live in Maryland. I presumed it is red oak, not white. How can I tell as all of the flooring is stained?
I can't help you either, but there's a reason I asked.
If the red oak is stained brown, it will look reddish brown no matter how brown the stain is. Nothing you can do short of bleaching the red oak will make it stain brown.... and ya wouldn't want to do that anyway. :D
I asked because I've tried to stain red oak to match white oak when making a couple of custom wood transitions. I bleached the trim piece with a shower cleaner product, dried it with a hair dryer and wallah!
I don't know what the color of your floor actually is. I don't know if it's brownish or reddish, or reddish brown.
I think you need a local wood flooring contractor to assist you on this.
I'm west coast and most everything here is red oak............ your results may vary. If you want it all to match closely, you need to know for sure what it is.
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