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The "sports floor" we installed was almost always rubber but we did a handful of Tarkett vinyl very similar to what's shown above. It's just sheet vinyl with a dense cushion backing. We had a lot of troubles getting it to lay flat in the glue as it came with a lot of seriously deformities straight off the roll-----probably how it was handles/delivered and stored at various times before install. We wound up using bricks to weight it down flat whilst the urethane glue sets overnight.
The urethane we used is so sticky and insane we have to cover the buckets immediately after we get some out. It skins over almost immediately. It’s solvent based and the trowels have to be cleaned immediately also with MEK. Acetone works but evaporates too quickly . They’re metal cans with screwdriver tabs. Once we open the can , EVEN with plastic and frequent reseals we have to cut the “top” of the glue off to get to the liquid . Over night once the seal is broken it dries about a 1/4 inch thick
The urethane we used is so sticky and insane we have to cover the buckets immediately after we get some out. It skins over almost immediately. It’s solvent based and the trowels have to be cleaned immediately also with MEK. Acetone works but evaporates too quickly . They’re metal cans with screwdriver tabs. Once we open the can , EVEN with plastic and frequent reseals we have to cut the “top” of the glue off to get to the liquid . Over night once the seal is broken it dries about a 1/4 inch thick
Believe it or not we put down Koster epoxy moisture barrier, 2-3 coats of Koster skim coat, then I recall some sort of Tarkett seperate cushion that was loose laid over all that prep. It's a moisture membrane and it was pretty lightweight, mostly fiberglass I assume. THEN we mixed a two-part urethane to glue the sports floor. This type does not tack up in any reasonable working time frame. So.........anything not laying perfectly flat as you walk away that night will never lay flat. They didn't call for sandbags/bricks but we used them on our Mondo rubber flooring all the time because it's requires. We had crews who were very quick with the bricks so it's all just figured into the labor costs. In this case the creases in the rolls required so many bricks it limited how much we could glue down each day.


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Your projects scare the crap out of me. 🫣
Do you have a brick and paver truck follow you to every job site?
Essentially yes. It's especially difficult to organize because it's all school gyms that have to get down in the downtime---Spring Break, Christmas and Summer. That means you cant easily schedule the jobs one after another. You have to do multiple jobs at the same time. So that amounts to one hell of a lot of bricks coming and going.

No matter how many they'd have accumulated every year they'd have to go buy a few more pallets. I think they'd often leave them back if someone wanted them so long as they hauled them off site promptly. The good thing for us was they HAD to load those jobs up with apprentices and material handlers at 30%-60% the cost of a journeyman. That meant you'd have extra guys hanging around when they weren't actually moving bricks. So most of them were eager to stay busy and be useful doing the stupid little tedious stuff no one REALLY enjoys. Generally shops skimp on help often to their own detriment just to cut costs. We were nearly always trying to squeeze labor costs------of course, but it's often a losing proposition if that's not well managed.
Oh balls! I forgot to get the strawberry yogurt at the store. I also forgot to go to pickup my online order from McDonalds. Got home and remembered, made food for Mom and then had to head back into town to get the McDonalds order. Then I got home and Mom wanted more food. I put it in the microwave and forgot about it. had to re-heat it. Then she asked me for something and I went to the bathroom and forgot. Brain is not cooperating today. But I got more done on my lightsaber project and I installed a shelf in my bathroom.
got this cheap shelf on clearance from Walmart.
Here is what I have on my lightsaber thus far. It will be the lightsaber blaster combo (aka "staplegun lightsaber). Need to figure out how to bridge to the other half and how to do the blaster side.
I used an empty caulk tube, an acrylic knob from a shower, the lever thingy that makes the lavatory drain go up and down, two different types of conduit clamps, the metal lid to a baby food jar, some foam (inside) and have a D-Ring thingy. The clamps will attach to the bridges to the other half.
This is the concept art for the inspiration for it
I may end up using a small chunk of 1x2 wood for the bottom part so I can attach the D-ring. I'm going to see if I can use some cut up pieces of Bob Evans mashed potatoes containers for the other half as well as for the bottom. I will probably need some sort of filler to reinforce it and some bondo or something to hide writing.
Customer brought in their own measurements.
The carpet is a cut and loop with a 1' by 1' pattern match. Only the areas with the green x's
I'm figuring 12x78, whaddya think. 😁


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I tried drawing it on cad (computer aided design) software but not enough details for accuracy 🥲 ( sorry it’s sloppy )
Anyway the quick amount I came up with is 12 x 82 …. 4 cuts - big Br. 18’, then medium Br. 15’ then one huge pc. 26’ That does big Br fill + laundry room / closet ? + hallway with no cross seam. Then 23’ that gets cut down on job site to do his walk in closet + second small Br.
Lots of waist 🥲
Go measure and do a detailed cut plan. I’m assuming the other area is the master bathroom ?


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I didn't think anyone would take me up on it. 😁
I came out with 73' even.
His sketch was inches and wow does that drive me nuts. ...ok, MORE nuts. 😁
Here's my reconstruction from the evidence provided to me.
The job is 150 miles away, so I couldn't pop over and measure it.


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The bathroom is the skinny room on the left.
The closet on the upper left side isn't being done, but I figured both rooms, top and bottom the same size since it appears they share the same wall.
I converted inches to feet on his drawing..... Then crossed my fingers.
.....I'm still crossing them 😁
You done good my friend
......do you work on a commission? 🤣🤣🤣
Got my router table back up and running again since changing out the decking material on my table saw stand. I made the new deck out of 1.75”ish cedar. What a dream that stuff is to pull a router through.🥇I got the lift set in place, fence is mounted, dust box is mounted and now I have to decide if I want a miter track or not. I’ve gotten by without one so far but I suppose having one would lead to me using one. That and I wouldn’t mind pulling the router through some nice soft cedar again. 🤪
I was going to install a T track for use with a miter gauge but changed my mind. Never having a router table before, I was gonna do all the bells and whistles..... then changed my mind...... I finished building this almost 4 years ago and used it once. 😁 I even made a detachable out feed table. I used that once also. 😁
I swear some day I'm going to add some detachable legs.
....some day. 🫣


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I use my router table quite a bit. It started out with me installing floating floors and nobody liking the clunky look of stock transitions and reducers that came with the product. If I don’t put down something that the customer likes I don’t get a signature. If I don’t get a signature I don’t get paid. Didn’t take me long to figure out how to make & modify transitions so I could get a signature, and get paid just that much sooner.

Maybe you need a piece of 1/4 round or end cap, maybe you need a stair nose… I can make whatever you need right here, right now! No need to run to HD for some bullshit that you don’t have and I’m definitely not making a return trip tomorrow to finish up because I don’t have 3’ of something.

Here’s what I’ve got going on, simple but effective. No miter track but I figure one day I might wanna get one of them box joint jigs or something like that that will require the use of a miter track. Fastening feather boards are also a lot easier with tracks to fasten to instead of having to use clamps.

Take a guess. How many times will I move every item in the room before I'm done
7 items so far, not including carpet and pad.
17' 6" each direction.


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I'm guessing this will work. It didn't come with instructions. Trim plate goes on top. Good for me.
....next guy? ...I really don't care. 🤣


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That looks complicated, Highup. Love the router table.

I don't even know how to use a router table and barely know how to use a router. LOL. I don't think I've properly used one since high school woodworking class. I need to learn how to hold one steady.

Took my brother to urgent care and they referred us to the ER so he could get his leg looked at. Achilles tendonitis. They said to take naprosyn, put a laced brace on, rest, ice, compression elevation (RICE)- which is pretty much what I told him to do.

Also, Mom refuses to apologize to me, but guess what she found in her purse? Her ******ing tax forms that she accused me of losing. I lost sleep over that and even dug through the trash and was really stressing over it. And all this time she had them in her purse. She yelled at me and called me all sorts of names and then is like Oh well. Thing is, I even asked her to look in her purse and she yelled at me and refused to look. And I'm not about to go digging through that thing. She'd blame me for stuff going missing.

She just woke me up from my nap awhile ago bc she was hungry. I'm exhausted and overheated. The backs of my knees are sweating. But at least she has her tax forms now and can't blame me anymore. I told her that if we made the effort to get the stuff replaced that they would likely turn up. LOL.
These are concrete and steel we are wrapping with LVT and aluminum anodized trim I should’ve never taken this job .
I did take it because it was part of 21000 feet we did last year

That looks very cool Csason!

Today I picked up RXs from Walmart and grabbed food for Mom.

Also dealt with talking to the medical supply company. Medicare is waffling on whether they will cover Mom's insulin pump. I keep getting conflicting info on what they need and the last message from them was that she didn't qualify for coverage bc she doesn't take insulin 3x per day. The thing is, she's only taking the 2x per day because she has long-lasting insulin that has delayed release and is the equivalent of smaller doses throughout the day. It's more than 4 doses if you look at how it works. So, I'm going to have to talk to the specialist about it and get her to say that Mom needs to take insulin more than 3x per day (hence the need for the pump) bc the current insulin isn't working. They also said that if she isn't checking her sugar at least 4x per day that she doesn't qualify. I explained that she has a CGM so her sugar is constantly checked. It's going to be an uphill fight to get this approved and get the pump sent. Will talk to the NP on Monday about it bc she's the one who will have to talk to these idiots.

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