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Jul 10, 2010
Lumber Liquidators sold us some very beautiful Natural American Cherry about two months ago. We are letting them install it for us through thier Installer Services. The contractor has 10 years of experience and seems very honest and definatly is reliable for the quality of work he does -good reputation.

Problem is that we have particle board over plywood. The house is 30 years old and has always had carpet over this subflooring. The floor is the ground floor.
Our installer suggested and recommened that we install over the particle board, that it would save us money, and pointed out what seemed to be minor drawbacks such as more squeeking ..but that was all he warned us about. We obviously went with his advice although he did offer to do the job by replacing the particle board and replacing it with plywood.

The install is now 85% completed and we have some sereous creaking and cracking sounds already.

I have since been reading about proper subflooring for hardwood and learned how bad particleboard is for hardwood flooring. All of these things he never warned me of. I need to mention at this point, if it isn't glaringly obvious, that I rely 100% on my installer to do a quality job for me because I do not know the ins and outs on flooring. I feel a bit screwed by his advice ..although he's a nice individual I feel mislead. I would like to believe it was not intentional that he mislead me but I honestly don't know. Maybe he believes his work is good enought hat I will not have an issue. This by the way is what the sales associates told me, that his advice is sound, although they said plywood is better.

I was not told particle board was not adequate I was told it was not the best choice.

Half of the job is paid for.

The point of this post is this: What is recommened At This Point?

Tell it like it is, please. I can handle it.

Thank you all.

i can suggest is to use hardwood flooring.That will giving you assurance that is durable, it long last and a side from that it look beautiful a arrogant.

Your welcome...
I hope it really help you to find the best flooring for your dream house.....
While there is time, You have to fix what are needed to be fix. Sub-floors need to be glued properly. Of you have problem with your floors tell that to the installers.
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Do it right, take out the floor, take out the PB, check the joist spacing for compliance, make sure you have the plastic,

yes, the installer should never have told you under any circumstances to install over PB, after a while, it make "squeak" you out of you home, and resale value is null.

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