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nstead of letting it go up in smoke. A year later, at 18 years of age, I bought my first house.
I thought you were going to say bought my first car 🚗…..NICE START young havasu….. for me, 16 to 18 it was pumping gas at Paul and Bob’s Mobil 2.00 a/hr on the books 😟 and trying to 👀 down the woman customer blouses 😘 🤪 Never was brave enough to drop the change 😝 …anywho, at 18, both, summer rug dogging and gas station got me a Van.
Actually, when my mom died when I was 10, she had a small life insurance policy which was left to us kids. It was I believe $6k. When I was 14, me and my sister were playing around near the china cabinet, and it got pushed over. Inside was beautiful cut crystal and valuable antiques. Both me and my sister had to pay $2k each to replace the damaged china. This left me $4k, and when I got my driver's license at 16, I purchased a new 1972 Chevy Van for $3600 plus tax and license. Having a reliable vehicle allowed me to only need to pay for gas in order to work, and gas ran from $.25 to $.31 cents a gallon.
Actually, when my mom died when I was 10,
That really sucks, sorry that happened.

I was one of 8 children ( Irish, German, Polish Catholic) and we constantly broke lamps from, No Ball playing in the house 😉 Good luck with that rule 😝 ….. The Dining room was too small, so we stayed out, however we occasionally got permission to play ‘ coin or paper football ‘ on the Perfectly smooth tabletop.

I switched schools at 10 and cried for a week, I can’t imagine the sorrow 🙁 you went through loosing your Mom at that age.
Yeah, she had ovarian cancer. A year prior, she had a lower back pain. She went to a chiropractor who insisted not to waste her time at a doctor, and guaranteed he'd fix her up. Went to him weekly for 6 months, but she had no relief. She went to the doctor on Christmas Eve, and the REAL doctor said she had cancer and expected her to live for only 3 months. She died March 1st, 1966. I now have a complete hatred for those quacks. It doesn't help that my shooting buddy and current neighbor, thought his back needed tweaking 79 days ago. He too went to Attila the Hun, the local chiropractor, who pushed on his back so hard, that she severed his spine at the L-4. I have to shop for him, drive his cars, poison his yard, go to Costco for him, etc. He is 80 years old and has been living in a full back brace, stuck in his home. Another reason to hate those quacks!
I also believe chiropractors are quacks. 100%

Very sorry to hear your Mom's story. It's confirmation of my beliefs. It's not bad enough that all these holistic/alternative scams beat people out of their hard-earned or not so hard-earned money. When they presume the roll of "doctor" it's fraud.
Yea, I guess you’re right. I never learned how to work an abacus…

Maybe teach writing script in art class? We still use it all the time for decorating cakes. I hate to think it will become a lost art but it does appear to be going in that direction…🥹
You just flip a switch on your computer and you can turn it to whatever you want whatever you want. We don't need to learn hand-eye coordination anyway right?
When I was a kid my house had a phone nook. I remember getting our first dishwasher. It wasn’t a built in model. It was huge and you could roll it around and out of the way n such. When you were ready to use it you rolled it over to the sink and the kitchen faucet had an adapter that you would hook up to and run your dishes.

That house still had the old screw in type fuses, no circuit breakers. Had an old oil furnace in that house and the duct that went to my room upstairs was a long duct that went straight down through my floor all the way to the basement. I could look down through the grate and see all the army men and legos n shit that I had dropped down there to never be played with again.

Then there was the furnace cleaning truck that came once a year to clean the furnace and ducts. You guys ever seen them trucks with all the bags that inflate out of the top. That was always a cool thing to watch as a kid.
Did you live in my house too? 😲
The basement had low headroom and was unfinished. There was a deep concrete utility sink down there and wooden garage doors that opened like regular doors, just wider.
When I was a kid [6] I lived with my grandparents and we moved from a farm into town where they remodeled a house they had bought. At that time houses didn't have bathrooms and were transitioning from outhouses. Well in the remodel they had a toilet put in a closet under the stairway going upstairs. Kind of tight but doable. They had raised the house and put in a basement. That was where the baths were taken- in a foldable rubber tub. Water didn't stay hot very long on the cold concrete. Later my grandfather had a shower put in in one corner and used a pallet on top of the concrete for a floor. That was the good old days.
You saying you never used an outhouse when it is below zero. Man you haven't lived. Growing up in Minnesota and Iowa that was all we ha

You saying you never used an outhouse when it is below zero. Man you haven't lived. Growing up in Minnesota and Iowa that was all we had.
Twasn't an inventor from Minnesota that invented the bidet, was it? 😁

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