WPC Vinyl Plank With a Wood Veneer

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Mar 8, 2023
I've done a few of these floors the most recent was sold out of Costco believe it or not. The first one was some stuff from a new manufacturer I've never heard of and was a little leary. They have a vinyl core with a 1 mm Lamella on top. Water proof they say.

And whats nuts about them is that the NWFA and flooring industry consider this stuff a "wood floor". Yup, crazy eh?

Well I took them up on the waterproof and weighed, soaked them under water for 24 hours ( cut up pieces too) and there wasn't any change in weight, a smidgen of water intrusion into the veneer along cut edge.

The best thing about these entry level wood floors is they look 100% better than the traditional wood look vinyl plans because not one plank will have a repeat pattern.

I did this job for a young couple who just bought their first house and no one wanted to install this new stuff. The engineered wood floors of the future they call it. And thats why it's posted in the Wood Flooring area.
LVP wood veneer.jpg
LVP Wood veneer II.jpg
LVP wood veneer III.jpg
Is that Epic Plus? I don’t see the flag on the box so it must not be Shaw.

The waterproof cores are something else. Do you have dust containment cus otherwise it’s boogers for days.
Wood floor with a chemical core.

It is considered an engineered wood floor even if the core isn’t wood. That’s part of the engineering of the product so there’s the reasoning behind its classification.

I recall a discussion some years ago over some floating bamboo floor I was installing. It was a straight up MDF core with a 1/32” lamella of bamboo. Not even waterproof as many products are today. That means it’s nothing but laminate with a nice wrapper. Everybody kept saying it’s an engineered bamboo, and technically it was but we all know it wasn’t. It was just some cheap ass laminate but marketing and a technicality won out that day.