Advice on prepping Pine floor cracks for use with BLO finish

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Sep 12, 2023
Sylvania, GA
Hey all, getting ready to start prepping floors. Wife and I are planning to use BLO.

We Milled, dried and planed the Pine(mix of knotty, yellow and heart) T&G ourselves. They sat outside for several months before install and its always humid in south Georgia, so I figured they picked up some extra moisture. When installed, we didn't have AC yet so unfortunately cracks between planks developed(high humidity in the south). most of them are 1/16-1/8 inch with a couple going to 3/16.
They've been installed for over 6 months and had A/C in the cabin for the last two.

I've seen videos where sawdust from floor sanding was mixed with a binder(sanding sealer, wood putty, glue, etc) to fill cracks, then floors re-sanded.

What binder would work best with a BLO finish?
Or better options or opinions would be much appreciated!

I've only been in the flooring trade since around 1974 so it's hard to keep up with the acronyms. What in tarnations is BLO? I know that BTO is Bachman Turner Overdrive and their big hit was TCB---Taking Care of Business. Please excuse me. I'm old and confused. Perhaps the world has passed me by and EVERYONE else in the industry has mastered the most recent abreviations and acronyms. When I worked in the military as a construction Super the use of acronyms was absolutely overwhelming. I can just imagine how many sailers died storming the beach whilst the Top Brass went back and forth with their elite jargon.

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