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Mar 6, 2011
I measured a very nice large home on Friday. It's going to have a wide plank LVP throughout.
After drawing the layout, I went around with my 6' angle aluminum straight edge..... Oh dear 😳
The slab has 1/4 inch wide saw cuts about 10 feet both directions. Some may have been separate pours. Where they meet, some edges have curled up a little or one side sunk a little bit.
The home is 36 by 75 and only 45' is concrete. Where the wood framing and concrete meet up, it's fine. The slab joints are the issue.
The worst is where you walk into the kitchen through a 4' opening. The slab on one side seems to ramp or curl upward a quarter inch over just a 20 inch span. That needs to be taken down, not ramped up. So that area is roughly 20 inches by 6 feet. The other 10 feet in width isn't as bad and will be covered in cabinets.
The home sits on top of a hill facing west and overlooking the bay...... so lots of light which will make any ramping or unevenness an issue.
The 20 by 30 living room has a similar issue with the hump being parallel to the windows and 8' sliding glass door.
Homeowner is very concerned about dust, so containment is a big issue.

What type of grinder would be best for this.
I borrowed a 7" Metabo from another shop years ago. It was fit into a cart thingamajig. You could stand up to use it. It had a nice rubber dust shroud that I hooked to my shop vac.
The shop might need to buy one if it can't be rented.
We live in wood country. Slab issues aren't usually a problem.
This is a very nice new home, so we need to make the owner happy...... especially so, in the dust containment department.
The red areas are the worst.
I'm driving back up there today with my lazer level to do more checking and to see if self leveler can play a part.
The lower side of the drawing faces west, where all the light enters.


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I’ve got a grinder with a dust shroud that hooks up to a HEPA vac. It works decent but doesn’t catch 100% of everything so I run an air scrubber as well. Don’t know if you need to go all out with zip walls n shit but it certainly wouldn’t t hurt, you know that dust tends to go everywhere.
The customer has a Bauer unit and spent 3+ hours with it. Did good, but it was slow. It still needs another 1/8 or more removed in the kitchen area.
There's still some across the living room, the master bedroom and hall.
He had two differently designed wheels, neither cut very fast. Partly because it's a Bauer. 😉
He's stopping at the rental place for a dual disk "real" grinder tomorrow.
I left my Dust Deputy setup at the warehouse for him to use. It will be nice to see how well it works. I mounted the Deputy in the top of a dead 16 gallon shop vac a year ago but never used it.
The vac stayed outside today with a 12' Hose leading to it from his grinder. The shroud worked nice.
I left him more hose too.


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That looks so tedious. I will be interested in seeing the finished area when you are done.
Sorry I'm so slow...... paying attention.
The week got busy.
I'm just measuring. The homeowner did the grinding.
The guy that's doing the installation will finish grinding whatever needs grinding where the homeowner leaves off. The "homeowner" is a builder. This is his "last, last personal home"
....yeah, sure 😁
He said this measley 2800 SQ ft home is about 1/2 the size of the custom homes he built for 30 years in Arizona. Sharp fella. He's 6 months older than me, 67 just recently.
The guy that will be doing the installation took a look and let him borrow his 7" grinder. Along with my dust collector setup, I think he rented a larger commercial twin head grinder for the day.
I'm waiting to hear how well it worked, both the grinder and dust collector.
It's still going to take a lot of self leveler.

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