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Because you haven’t given that acceptance speech yet 🎤 😜

Start with thanking the people who helped you along the way and then finish with sharing about the people you helped along the way. And we want your wife to give one tooo !

In the Flooring world you guys have reached celebrity status and I think a speech is in order.
Had to log in again this morning. I went on vacation and turned off the computer, we have had to log into all our sites including Facebook. FB took me to an all black peoples site. Got my granddaughters husband over last night and he got FB back to where it should be. He thought he had this site straigtened out but had to log in again this morning. So we will see what is next.
If you have a smart phone, have you tried whether you need to log in every time? I believe it is either your router, ISP, or connections.

What are you using to access the sites? Chrome, Firefox, what?
I'm using chrome and haven't changed any settings, but I didn't have to log in when I just got on.
Check recent updates. If your device recently was powered off and then reset/updated frequently your setting can be lost or otherwise affected.

You're gonna want to go into your setting and check how your device is now handling your saved log-ins. It's not hard to accidentally screw all that Mumbo Jumbo/VooDoo up.

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