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I'm class of '73. My sister was '69.
Ok, I was close. Best ever era in music. Elvis had his time, and I do like his stuff, but give me Creedence, Croce, Little River Band, Harry Chapin, Skinard, Doobie Brothers, Bad Company......
...Chicago, Queen, Fleetwood Mac.
Yup, a great time to be.
Did I mention Scuzz Twittly? I didn't 😁
Daris probably knows him. 😁
My dad came out here in the west from Philly, he was an Italian cowboy and made me listen to country music and watch Hee Haw on the tube every week. Seems to have stuck since I like country music as much as the hippie stuff these days.
Outlaw Country on XM plays some hippie stuff which is why I think they call it that.
Buck Owens brings a tear to my eye. Specially when I'm driving through Bakerfield.
...oh, and if you don't have a good set of headphones or you can't crank the volume up to slightly below the glass shattering level, then you won't get full enjoyment.
I guess I was 11-12 when something about Tina Turner sparked my interest. Can't put my finger on it. I dont really think is was purely appreciation of art.


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The year before I would get my flooring contractor license. Her song knocked Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters" out of the #1 spot, then Tina was replaced by John Waites "Missing You". Geez, that's a long time ago...
I was in a bar once with friends. ...ah, The Sportsman Tavern
...I think I was 18. Small dance floor and gust enough room for a band. We had some really good local bands. The played a really good Proud Mary that night. What an era.........
Some songs were sung by the original bands and never meant to be sung by anyone else.
So many songs have been reformulated and transformed into something that they weren't.
I came across this one an hour or so ago.
Rod did this song justice. Sometimes a virtual copy by another artist, and a different voice is good. I was waiting for him to go off the deep end with his own special twang.....
....But he didn't. 👍

Last year when he turned 80, Paul McCartney was asked how he liked being part of the best band ever.
He said, my memory must be failing, I don't remember being in ZZ Top.

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