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Mar 6, 2011
I did this living room about 25 or more years ago. The new owner fixed some major water damage to the beams between the windows and the carpet is going o be replaced. Current carpet is a nice cut pile, but the new owner wants a "thin" carpet. I don't know if my body and nerves can handle this job again since I work solo.
The room is 48' 5" by 25' at the widest point. From left to right are 5 angled exterior walls with 8 foot tall by 12 foot wide windows. speaking a panoramic view. Wow. Sets on top of a hill looking down onto the bay.
At the of the bottom of the drawing is a 13 foot wide stone fireplace with an overhanging (floating) hearth totaling about 20 feet starting from the steps.......... pretty tight quarters working under that overhang. Three steps flow down into the room ranging 5 to 8 feet wide. To the right of the stairs in green is a 'wall' of 6 foot tall doors that hide stereo and entertainment stuff and maybe a wet bar.......... I don't recall.
I can't remember if I stretched off of those doors or took them off and stretched off the frames of the cabinet.
Looks like once seamed together there's two days of stretching in almost every direction to get everything even.
She hasn't picked out a carpet yet. I told her not to settle on one until I see it. If it's a Berber or one with a pattern, the seam alone could be a nightmare. Pre-stretching the seam would be mandatory regardless. Looks like a job for a stinger if they bought a cut pile. I don't own one.
How do you begin getting an even stretch if the carpet they chose has a pattern or a pattern that shows a strong diagonal line. This room is huge windows so lighting is going to be a killer. Windows on the top of the diagram face east, so strong morning light and till well past noon.
I'm thinking stay nails across the middle of the room and stretching in a sequential manner 12 feet at a time towards the right, then reversing the procedure and doing the same thing in the opposite direction.


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One thing I do a lot of with odd shaped rooms id to build walls............. I like building walls. :D
It does two things. Keeps you from having to readjust the stretcher so much and it gives you a temporary straight wall parallel or perpendicular to the carpet to make an even stretch easier. Stretching off angled walls mean you have to keep blocking the stretcher foot to keep it from sliding. This setup can be reversed with a few mods to do the stretch in the opposite direction. I carry an 8 foot 4x4 in the van and have a 10 and 12 footer at home. I have em drilled so I can even lag bolt em together. Only done that twice.
The 13' 5" are all large windows


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Stairs suck. This one only has 4, but it's 100 feet to the van, then another 45 feet to the other side of this room.
... yur telling me my room is now 360 yards? :eek:
Bolt a chain across the room at intervals to stretch off of and stay nail it, keep on going....
Not a good way to bolt the chain to the floor. There's only about 6 or 8 inches under the floating fireplace hearth.
The 4x4 system works good and it's easy to relocate. Once setup like I showed, the room could be stretched to the right side by re positioning the 4x4 once.

This pic shows that I can stretch back the opposite direction just as easy by using the side of the step at one end. From there I can do some stay nailing once or twice if needed before the final stretch to the wall.
If I stretch both to the right then to the left, which I think is a must do, then maybe just one stay nailing episode per direction.
Still not sure I'm gonna do this one.


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