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Jul 11, 2011
Davison, Mi, Michigan
I got on a number of super bowl boards. I made a mistake in my addition as I usually spend $100 over 10, 5,

$2 boards. Anyway my mistake was $20 left over at the end so I said to hell with it and added $5 and bought a $25 square. I got 9-7 favor of KC. Wooo hooo!!! What do you think my chances are?
Maybe a little higher than 100 to 1..😎

9/7 only happened 3 time in Super Bowl history…

The chart below shows the number of times each possible number combination has appeared. There have been a total of 224 quarters played in the 56 Super Bowls. Please note: We used the final overtime score in place of the 4th quarter score in the New England/Atlanta game in the 2017 Super Bowl. As you can see there are 13 different combinations that have never appeared in a Super Bowl and the number combinations of 0, 7 and 0,3 is the most popular, appearing 20 times.
To use this chart, simply find the largest of your 2 numbers in the left column, then the smallest of your 2 numbers in the top row. Where these numbers intersect will show the number of times this combination has happened at the end of any quarter of every Super Bowl
A local market does this every year and the squares are five bucks so I bought two. Last year my numbers were lvntrey and elquitr. Like every year, I get bad numbers.
Well, not so good. 4&5 and 4&6
I suppose 6 and 14 is possible, but that chart isn't making me excited, but better than last year by a long shot.

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