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I got tired of seeing the adhesive and paper residue from a sticker that was put on the center panel of my tub surround when it was packed. No idea why they put it on the front instead of the back. According to instructions, the front was supposed to have some sort of peel & stick plastic. They put it on the back instead. I was scrubbing and trying to get the sticker off, then I was searching for something else and found my mineral spirits. Worked great to get the adhesive off. I started cleaning the surround with it. Got the residue from some sort of tape they used off of the left panel. Cleaned the tub edge. Spotted some construction adhesive that must have gotten on the tub from an empty tube. Chiseled the thicker stuff off and got the rest with mineral spirits.
Then I scraped the thinset off of the exposed part of the L-bead trim with the back end of the chisel. The center panel is taller than the wrap arounds for the side so I used caulk and pieces of the tear-away strips from the L-bead trim to cover it. I'm gong to use cove molding in the corners above the surround and then above the trim.
I'm still working on a solution for gaps on the side. I think some quarter round will go fine on the edge of the left side but the right side is a different sort of transition. Since the wall is not straight there is a larger gap in the middle of the wall than on the top and bottom.
Went to Samsclub and grabbed some stuff. My back objected to lifting the cases of water. I got 2 rotisserie chickens. When I went to load my truck there were two ladies talking to a man. They were from the truck parked next to mine. One of them said "We didn't get *everything*" and one said "Yeah, we left some for her!" and gestured in my direction. It cracked me up.
I decided to leave the water in the truck for now. I took all the meat off the bones of the chickens and put it in a ziplock bag. I'll get it in the morning. Taking a break and using my heated massage pad on my back.
I was proud of myself for getting the hole drilled for the showerhead by myself and not messing it up. Nice tight fight for the shower arm.
This shows the gap I was talking about.

Before I filled the gaps:

After I scraped away the thinset & filled the gaps:

I obviously still need to do some more caulking. The tension rod will be for hanging hooks to hold loofas and back scrubbers and stuff.
Karen and I went out to eat last night and when bill time came she handed me the bill. I said sorry wrong person, and then she said she had put the bill in the center of the table between him and her and he went off on her that it was closer to the gal and didn't leave a tip at all.
Guess what? We forgot to leave one also and Karen realized it when we got home, so old Daris took the tip back up to her and handed it to her personally and apoligize. She thanked me profusely. Good thing the restraunt is about a mile from our house.
Very, very cool 👍👍👍
If I pay before I leave the tip on the table or hand it to the server personally. I've seen someone from a nearby table snatch the tip left for a server before. Also saw other waitstaff snatch the tip. Sadly, the churchgoing crowds on Sundays are notorious for not only refusing to leave tips, but for stealing tips that were left off of the tables. Happened all the time at the local Pizza Hut. The people would come out of church, pile in, let their kids run amok, yell at waitstaff, make huge messes, and if they saw a tip left on a table they would snatch it.

If I pay after eating I leave the tip on the bill because I don't carry much cash with me.

The only times I don't tip are when the servers are extremely rude.

Thunderstorms are kicking up today.

I went to sleep last night and didn't wake up until late afternoon. I thought it was still morning. Nope. LOL.

Got a little more work done on the trim. I cut a scrap piece of the 5-1/2" board into three 1/4" strips, cut off the bevels on the tops & bottoms, glued them together, and then glued them to the side of the strip that will go on the wall. Fills the gap a bit better. Stapled them on once I was happy with the fit. I can use some paintable caulk & touch-up paint to hide seams.

Still need to get my tablesaw together and get out the correct nail gun and the air compressor.
One time after a long two weeks I was worn a bit ragged. Came home tired about 3:00, layed down and woke up about 7:30(pm).
I fixed some coffee, took a shower and went next door to my girlfriends place. She was fixing dinner...... I was about to head to work. 😱
No more naps for me.
Since I was reminded that the compressor has a handle on it, I was able to get it down. Haven't tried to use it yet though.
I'm all about the naps. I have to take multiple per day.
Helped a friend yesterday and today. His Ford Ranger wouldn't start. The starter didn't even click. I towed him 12 blocks from the grocery store to his house the day before. He's 80 and that concerned me a bit.
Traffic was unbelievably light and the tow couldn't have gone smoother.
The next day, yesterday, we started checking on it.
The wire to the starter solenoid received no voltage when the key was turned. We checked wires, relays, fuses. I even bought a new battery cable end, then re-cut the cables so that there was fresh new copper on the battery clamps.
I had his battery on my charger the whole time.
I look at the lockout switch on the transmission, I look for a lockout switch on the brake pedal. Please check everything and everything seemed fine but for some reason the solenoid wire got no juice.

.......last resort. Crawl back under one more time.
This time with my Eswing 20oz hammer 🔨
I gave the starter a half dozen tappy tap taps and had him hit the key.
......started right up.😱
He restarted the truck four more times and it starts fine now.
It's a temporary fix, but at least we know what the problem is.
As long as he keeps a hammer in his truck, he will rest assured know he can make it home.
.........for the time being.
Hammers aren't just for nails.
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Left the grocery store ann noticed the bridge of a ship behind Safeway. 😱😳
I definitely had to check that out.
I drove a couple 10th of a mile along the main drag and parked.
I got out, walked across the railroad tracks and over to the public walkway by the bay.
One of the larger tugs and a second one we're turning a ship around to dock it.
This is the very end of the Bay. There hasn't been a ship dock there for 5 years I'll bet because nothing's happening there.
Anyway it was a bit unusual so I sat there and watched for a while.
I need to do some investigation because I have no clue what they're loading on to this ship. There's less than 600 ft long and the only thing on that dock is a conveyor system.
The stock used to load lumber on the ships, 2x4s 4x4s 6x6s 10x12s everything. The lumber mill and the loading facility has been there for 50, 60, 80 years ..... I don't know.

That facility closed doors and a nickel ore mining facility begin operating at this location because of a large supply of nickel ore from about 80 mi away.
The nickel market went away so that place closed.
Another company built a large concrete silo to dry silica sand near one of the local beaches 30 miles away. They separated the silica from the garnet from whatever else is in the sand and sold those materials in bulk.
I took a couple years to get the facility up and operation but then I don't think that lasted a year before it closed down.
I'm curious as to why the ship is being docked at this location.
It's an unusual ship because the bow goes straight down, no angle whatsoever. Just because I ship has cranes on it like this one does doesn't going to mean no cranes are going to be used. The cranes can offload the hatches, then the cranes swing out of the way and materials such as grain, gravel, cement, you name it can be poured into the holds of the ship. Ships are multi-purpose.
Anyway I tried to shrink this video down and we'll see if it works.
The two tow boats are in the process of spinning the ship 180° and then pushing it towards the dock. It's an extremely quiet and relaxing process to watch one of these large vessels get moved and positioned. The tugboats make virtually no sound at all until they live their engines up but still it's very muffled and a soothing sound.
The ship makes no sound at all.
It's kind of fun watching something relatively close and relatively large being moved around with such ease and precision.
When I say precision, I'm speaking of two tow boats pushing a 600 foot long ship towards a dock without damaging the ship or the dock. Just fun to watch and you sometimes have to be in the right place at the right time to know that it's going to happen. Tonight was one of those nights.
Now the burning question to me is why after all these years are they docking a ship this particular dock.
Hell maybe it's a load of hemp.
I mean, this is Oregon 😁
Great time last night at the showtime fight at turning stone, Verona NY. Boxing hall of fame weekend.
I met Micky Ward!! My kid got a pic with Maciej Sulecki from Poland who got a 2nd round KO last night!! Awesome weekend!!!!
Also just had a nice conversation with Roberto Duran!
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Broke up a cat fight. Ushered a cute wolf spider off my bed and tried to get it somewhere it won't get squished. It has been crawling all around my desk area looking for something. Either a place to make a web or something to eat. I hope it finds some flies. It was crawling toward my pillow when I first saw it, so I had to divert it away gently. Last I saw it went behind my fan.

I've continued to work on trim. Scabbed another PVC scrap on to the side bc there was still a large gap. I glued & stapled the scrap on (used construction adhesive). Then used construction adhesive on a scrap tear-away strip to bridge the gap a bit better. When the adhesive dries a bit more I will try to put some reinforcement behind the looser ends of the tear away strip. I resorted to spreading adhesive with my finger. Dipped it in mineral spirits after and it got all of the adhesive off of my hands. Then I washed it off with soap and water.
I really need to clean the floor and will still have to caulk the gap, but its better than it was before:
I obviously need to clean the floor and will have to put some scrap vinyl under where the mouse chewed because the very edge of the hole is still visible under the baseboard trim.
Left my last van deck in Phoenix, told myself I’d build another one when the time came. The time came.

My days of carrying around a thousand pounds of tools in my van are over. I need a safe place for my levels and my tracks. I’ll prolly throw a couple pack outs and my saws in there until I get or build some shelves.

I got the bottom done today. I’ll finish it off tomorrow with a top layer of 1/2” whiteboard.

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I hustled and got my van deck finished up before the rain starts this afternoon. I set my saw horses up right behind the van, makes sliding the pieces in n out real easy while scribe fitting them. Not sure how I want to finish off the side door reveal so it looks like it looks for now.

After loading all my tools back into the van you wouldn’t know I was trying to cut down on weight😂

It looks great, CJ! At least the stuff in the back is more organized than stuff in my house. LOL.

Realized I didn't have the right size brad nails and the don't sell them locally so I went up to HD to find them. There was another customer there who kept thinking I was walking in a certain direction and I thought he was going a different direction and we kept doing a little dance just about. Had a good laugh about it. We were both looking for the exact same thing. I found it and showed it to him.

I was going to try to work on stuff when I got home but as soon as I started getting out of the truck my body said "Nope" and I felt like I could barely move.

Ate a salad and am currently cuddled up with kitties.
Working on carpet in a house in one of our gated communities. Painters from LA are here since the client has connections there. This Mexican music is driving me crazy, knew I should have brought my boombox.
Working on carpet in a house in one of our gated communities. Painters from LA are here since the client has connections there. This Mexican music is driving me crazy, knew I should have brought my boombox.
When my stpson worked for me he would go nuts when Rap music was played. To the point sometime of going out and sitting in the van.

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