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I still have these pieces left to re-clean and re-de-rust. If ya clean em and don't paint em, they re-rust....... Not surprised.
The bed, plate, or whatever it's called looks pretty bad. It's actually, pretty nice. I left it on a moist paper towel. 😱
Vinegar will fix that along with some 1000 grit sandpaper.
I may get the pieces painted Saturday. It's going to be raining, so I may take the parts to the warehouse. It's right next to NAPA, and I'm out of paint. I was gonna do Rust-Oleum, but at the last minute bought Krylon engine paint. Ford Gray. It will be easy to touch up, but probably won't need to.
The Craftsman motor has some surface rust, so it might need some disassembly to make that purdy too...... and I bought a new 14 gauge cord for it.
I need to figure out a base for it. I don't weld, but a friend does.
Film at 11:00.....
...not sure what year. 😂
I have an American made sears belt sander still works great

I love my good old 1950s tools
That looks like a European design, sleek and way too complicated.

Shaping up
I've been pecking away at my $35 Sears belt sander I got from Habitat. It takes a 6" by 48" belt. The usable part of the bed is just under 16 inches.
I've soaked both rusty and painted parts in vinegar after removing oil residue with lacquer thinner and Brakleen. It's gonna look pretty much new when I'm done. I've removed all fasteners and taped off what can't be disassembled. I even removed the riveted tag.
....not sure what I'm gonna use it for.
...but I have it and you don't. 😁
That 2nd picture looks a lot like my ideas for a handle for my custom lightsaber. LOL.
Rusty! Glad you are out of the hospital and feeling better.

My mother is back in the hospital. she must have slept through her Dexcom alarm yesterday morning. Bro found her unconscious with the alarm going off. We gave her glucose tablets but she was not lucid. Sat her up and tried to get her to respond. She would wake up for a couple of seconds. Called 911 and had paramedics come out. They gave her IV stuff to bring her sugar up but she still was out of it. She had hypothermia and they had to warm her up in the ER. Then they admitted her to the hospital.

She's super cranky, lying to the nurse about me not feeding her etc. She'd asked me to bring her purse so I did and then she was going to take her insulin so she argued with me and told me to leave. I went and got a nurse who talked some sense into her and confiscated her insulin. She was all crabby and saying they didn't give her enough insulin and that they didn't give her enough Dilantin etc. They are going to have a doctor talk to her about what she needs to do with her insulin regimen etc. Going to switch her to something else for insulin.

Bro was in pain and needed to take meds so we are back home and Mom was watching TV at the hospital.
Flooring on the side of the staircase? That's neat. Must be a pita to install that way. Looks good though.

Had a nap but am still tired. Neck is sore. Hips are hurting. Earlier when I tried to start napping Gravy Jones was hollering in the kitchen. Boo came and stomped on my head to let me know he was hungry so I got up and fed the kitties. After eating, Senator Snugglebum was hollering in the kitchen. When the paramedics were here, Gravy Jones was on top of a chest of drawers at almost face level with our friend. He was hollering in the friend's face to get attention. He's a very loud cat.

Poor little dog Fippy is missing Mom and let himself in to the living room to sit in her chair. I had to let him out a few minutes ago. It's an inswing door with a spring so he can push to get in but can't pull it back open to get out.

20+yr old freezer was making awful noises and not cooling as well. Bro said he saw ice on some vents inside at the back. I lent him my demo tool (hammer/prybar/boardgrabber combo) and he broke the ice. It's no longer making the noises and is working better again.

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