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Apr 25, 2023
Saratoga Springs NY
I'm in the process of patching and skim coating the basement, and one of the pillars is sitting on a rock or something, and I'm trying to figure out if it would make sense to try patching and coating it using concrete, or if there are any extra concerns I should be considering.


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Will you be installing flooring or is this patch of the column base going to be it for the work. If it’s just the column base I suppose concrete would be just fine to use.
I'd form up a slightly larger base at least an inch bigger larger all around, slather some concrete glue all over your existing, shattered post base AND the entire concrete floor. Let it completely dry.
Use this to repair that horrible mess of a post base
and then skim coat/float/level the slab with Ardex Feather Finish.
These are the products I use. There are plenty of materials/brands you could substitute. You're not going to use "concrete" around that post unless you bust out all that existing material around the post and re-form the footing. From the looks of what is in the photo there's some sort of footing that the post is embedded into. I'd probably just leave that alone and do the cosmetic repair.

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