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Apr 23, 2023
Has anybody had issues with ecoworx carpet tile that was manufactured during the covid shortage? Please let me know what you have seen. I'm trying to get this figured out. 10sof thousands yards on different types of sub floor.appears to be expanding. Secure facility so I cant get pics....thanks to all
Maybe 15 or so years ago we had a huge problem with Shaw carpet tiles. Thousands of yards all curling up. Wasn’t just expanding, some kind of issue with the backing… They replaced it, paid the labor too, including lifting the cubicals… Word on the street was it cost them many millions… Hard to believe they’d make the same mistake again?
Thanks fellas... I'm going to work I will check back.I wouldn't say buckling but it's growing so only place it has to go is up. It's been down For a year or 2. Depending on where you are on site.
Carpet tile manufacturers have all had problems with curling at the seams from expansion or contraction of the backing material over the years. I've done replacements and repairs on every major brand that I know of.

The shop I worked had a strong relationship with Shaw and we installed quite a bit of it. I don't recall any issues. I haven't worked with the tools since Sept. 2000.
I have not had this, but I do know in the engineered hardwood world; during covid, the adhesives used to manufacture the planks suffered so greatly that there are multiple recalls and lawsuits over the flawed products. Would not surprise me if the carpet tiles had less than sufficient construction as well.

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