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Feb 13, 2021
DC Area
Hi all,

I'm looking for a product to patch the flooring as seen in the picture so that I can put sheet vinyl on top. Should i get some vinyl tiles and fill in the gaps and then use floor patch in the gaps or just use the floor patch over the entire areas lacking tiles? I'm thinking something like this https://www.homedepot.com/p/Custom-...rep-1-Gal-Pre-Mixed-Floor-Patch-FP1/100678058 but if there's a better way/product, please recommend.

Also, I'm thinking of adding sheet vinyl on top of these (likely asbestos) tiles. Can anybody recommend vinyl sheet to buy? Should I try something else, like epoxy? This is a machine room / laundry room / storage room. I go down here an average of 4 times per day (perhaps a load per day and to get some random item), so this floor doesn't get a lot of traffic nor does it need to be a show room. I'm looking for a floor that looks half decent, hopefully hiding the tiles underneath so that my wife is not panicking over asbestos.

Note: the tiles are currently painted with Porch and Patio enamel and the untiled areas are there because the furnace/water heater were just moved.


Thanks for any help,

What's under the floor? I'm guessing plywood, but that's strange since there's a floor drain.
Floor drains are usually associated with concrete in basements.
Regardless, I wouldn't touch a pre-mixed patching compound. UZIN 888 patch is good at bonding to surfaces. Henry or Ardex Feather Finish are good too.
Thanks for the tips. It's a concrete basement with 1960s tiles on top. Tiles everywhere except for the areas to be patched.
I would buy some patch, not the pre mixed stuff, and float those areas out. Then I would loose lay some sheet vinyl. If I really wanted to be cheap I would tuck the vinyl underneath the cove base😂 You laugh but I’ve had to do that before.
I’ve got some of that exact same vinyl, different pattern, in my own bathroom. Loose laid it, broom out the bubbles and trim it in. Go back the next day and broom it flat again and trim again if necessary. That stuff has been rolled up for a long time so be patient and give it time to relax. Let it lay in place for a day. Back roll it for a while if it has a lot of memory curl. It will eventually lay flat for you.

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