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Jul 11, 2011
Davison, Mi, Michigan
High said he would like to hear some of my fishing stories in another thread. I got 2 unless someone gives one that brings up a memory.
About 10 years ago I was at my brothers resort in northern Minnesota. Friends came up from Minneapolis. My brother and I were out in a boat and my friends wife was fishing off a dock. All of a sudden her line took off. She cranked and cranked to bring the line in. Well she finally got it to where she could see what she caught. She had hooked a Loon. Or the Loon took her minnow. Well the Loon also saw her and away he went and stripped here reel. Some guy in a boat chased it down and removed the hook and line.
here is the second part of the story now this is the same day mind you. That night my friend, brother, and I were out Walleye fishing. I'm at the back of the pontoon, my friend, is in the front, and my brother operating the motor. All of a sudden we hear our friend yelling let go of it you sob, let go of it. We turn and look and here he is fighting with a sea gull that had taken his bait. We ragged on both of them some people fish for fish but they drove up to fish for birds.
Next story: My grandparents were avid fishermen and they raised me until I was 12 so our Sunday afternoon fun was fishing. My grandfather like to have a lot of weight on his reel so he could really send it out from shore. Well I watched him send it out and all we saw was a bunch of feathers falling into the lake along with a stunned sea gull. Then on another trip he he caught 2 fish at once on one hook. The fish had swallowed the hook and it went out the gill and another fish took it.

Good stuff Daris.
I don't have many............... I did catch a yummy 7" trout using a ballpoint pen spring for a hook. :D
It was a drinkin' camping trip, and we didn't bring poles....... next morning I improvised with the pen spring and some line I found wrapped up on a tree branch overhanging the river.
Years ago, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I was fishing on a lake at dusk. Suddenly, my pole bent over and I knew I caught something huge. Upon reeling in the line, I had snagged a bat on my line, that was flying over the lake eating the mosquitos.
Similar to Daris, we were fishing Salmon on the Chetco on the Southern Oregon coast. We troll dodgers with an anchovy a few feet behind and a Seagull grabbed it. It took to the sky immediately. My buddy flew it around like a kite for a good five minutes before he could get it down. Great entertainment for the other fisherman. Getting a hook out of a bird isn't easy.

Hooked a Pelican on the Cortez the same way, but he was a whole different issue. Two big treble hooks buried deep in the wing. Up close and personal with a Brown Pelican isn't something you want to do very often. Them things are a whole lot bigger than they appear at a distance, and strong too. He bit two of us before we could get a towel tied around it's beak. Then they beat you up with their wings, and them bones are hard. I think we got the worst of it in the end.
I was fishing a little lake up by Lake Tahoe called Fallen Leaf. It's fairly deep for a small lake. We were fishing for Mackinaw with live bait. After about two hours of waiting, I got a bite, then nothing. I decided to to check my bait. It was a long hard real up and all the time thinking I just might have my first Mac.

With much anticipation, it reached the surface. That's when my high hopes withered. I had reeled up an old high top loggers boot.:rolleyes: Seen it in cartoons, but never on the end of MY line.

Another time we were cat fishing in the bay area delta. After an hour of fishing, I had my buddy pull in the anchor. We were in maybe 30 feet of water. It took him close to 30 minutes to haul it up, all the time I was having fun harassing him of being a weakling. When he finally got it to the boat, this is what he had. When the anchor was dropped, it landed squarely in the middle of a small tractor tire. :eek:That was his last anchorman assignment.

We just call those mudcats Daris. White belly, brown back. We do have Blue cats with white belly and a blue back. Then there's the Channel cat that is speckled on the side and a narrower head than regular cats. The Blues and Channels are the best fighters, and best eating too.
We have the mudcat also. But a bullhead looks just like them only don't get as big, maybe 10-12 inches long. Bottom feeders but good eating and a real bitch to skin. I heard you can dip them in scalding water and the skin slides right off with a knife edge.

We use to drive a screwdriver through the head into a tree, cut around the head and skin'm with pliers. Recently, I seen a guy just filet one. Worked pretty good, though you get more meat skinning them. A little corn meal, flour, S&P and you're good to go with cats. Mmmm! Corn on the cob, fried okra and some home made ice cream. Preferably, down by the river.
We were fishing for Sturgeon in the lower Sacramento River early one morning. Had a few bites but no takers. Having fished the ocean for near 40 years, you learn signals of where fish most likely are. One of those signals is lots of birds working the surface, meaning big fish are driving bait up to the surface and providing a nice meal for the local birds.
Anyway, that morning I noticed quite a few birds working the water about three hundred yards from us. I fired up the motor and away we went, blazing across the water, zooming past several boats anchored, fishing Sturgeon. I've caught many fish chasing birds like that, but that day wasn't one of them. We only provided the people we past with a good laugh and a great story to tell at the local pub.

Turns out that the birds weren't working the water for bait at all. They were standing in 3-4 inches of water. I didn't realize this until about one second before we hit the mud. :eek: You could hear the laughter coming from all the boats we just past. Took us about an hour to get out of that mess. We took the long way back so we didn't have to go past all the boats again.:eek:

If you fish long enough, this kinda stuff is gonna happen. Trust me.:)
Went fishing for a few days last week over at Brookings Oregon. Water was really nice and the fishing was better. We got our limits of Snapper, Lings, and Crab. The bonus was a 47 pound Pacific Halibut. Some really great table fare.

When you coming down High? I'll be there in the middle of July. Maybe we can hook up for a day.