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Went fishing for a few days last week over at Brookings Oregon. Water was really nice and the fishing was better. We got our limits of Snapper, Lings, and Crab. The bonus was a 47 pound Pacific Halibut. Some really great table fare.

When you coming down High? I'll be there in the middle of July. Maybe we can hook up for a day.

Thats a decent size Darol
Looks like you could tie a string to that and fly it like a kite. :D
Will 15 year old 4 # line hold up catching one of those? I guess I don't need to PS your photos anymore. :D That's a nice lookin' fishy.
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That's what I was saying over and over again, "Gotta catch something that High won't make fun of......Gotta catch something that High won't make fun of...Gotta catch something....... well, you get the picture. And it worked!!!!

Or....Maybe...just maybe, I learned how to work PS. :p:D
Even high can't PS that good. :D I'm careful when I make fun of something that I know absolutely nothing about..................... boats and fishing are on the list. ;)

I didn't PS today's offshore weather. These are knots, not mph. Brookings is in the center of the map.
.................looks like summer has officially arrived. No big deal, because the winds will stop about the time that the new school year begins in September. Summer winds are out usual summer weather............. zero rain, just lots of wind.

I just did a small patch of vinyl in a camper for a guy that spent his career running tugs and tractor tugs.............. He said he loves our winter storms far more than the steady summer winds. He explained that storms, unlike the steady summer winds, actually take a break now and then. Summer is windy, so that's why the local population has remained steady for 50 years. We have the views, but we also have fog, wind and in a good year, a lot of rain. This year the rain forgot us............. as it did you.'s Rusty's fault for hogging all the rain.

Offshore winds 6 11 15.jpg
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