Marks all over hard wood!

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Oct 27, 2023
We recently bought a new puppy and I think his paws are leaving marks all over our hard wood when he runs around and slides. Can someone please tell me how to possibly get these out? See picture. There are marks like this everywhere.


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Those marks don't look like claw marks. Have you tried spot wiping to see if the marks can wipe away? Is your floor poly coated or waxed?
I think they are from his paws. I am not sure what kind of coating. We bought the house last year. What can I try to use to remove?
I see streaks, but also scratches. If you could remove the scratches I think you're going to continue to get more.
I'd be looking at an area rug or rugs
Pretty sure those will "buff out". I'm just wondering what sort of equipment the poster might have access to. It sure doesn't look like a deep scratch, more like a SMEAR of something off the paws. So besides buffing you'd be experimenting with cleaning and polishing products/devices. Sometimes just the right type of cloth and lots of elbow grease works miracles.

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