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Ring Billed Gull
FP Ring Billed Gull fb.jpg
Well...I didn't die, I just felt like I wife gave me a "cold", that turned into RSV, and then darn near into pneumonia. Been all kinds of messed up. At one point I was on complete bed rest for 4 days. I finally got clearance to get out this past weekend. This swan kind of sums up how I've felt for the last 3 and a half weeks. It's absolute hell when you can't breath. :)

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I hope it wasn't caused by all of the fresh air you've been breathing so much of this past year. 😱
Glad your feeling better.
Female Red Wing Blackbird. They don't have the red and yellow on their wings but I think they are absolutely gorgeous in the subtle black and silver shades in their wings. Sure sign of spring here in Indiana. There were hundreds of them in the marsh Monday evening.

EM Female RWBB 1.jpg

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